This is what the dot on your Samsung earpiece indicates!

    Do you own a Samsung earphone? Does your earphone have the marking of left and right? Well, this article is for people who have Samsung earphones without the marking on them!

    This is what the dot on your Samsung earpiece indicates!

    There is a wide range of earphones available all over the market and out of them some are expensive and some of them are cheap quality ones offering better performance than the premium ones.

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    There are very few things in earphones which cannot be spotted by the naked eye of a human being, however, it isn't that tiny to spot it, but we never pay attention to such kind of things. There is actually a dot on most of the Samsung earphone's earpiece which apparently denotes something.

    Let's find out on the fact that 'what actually the small dot on the earpiece is?'

    What the Dot Actually is?

    The small dot on the earpiece indicates that the earpiece must be plugged into the left ear for better functionality. This is kind of weird stuff to find out, but if you own an earphone without earmarking on it, this dot will come into play.

    Don’t Scratch Your Heads If You Can’t Find it!

    The dot can be seen on some earphones and most of them may miss out on it. If your earphone have an indication on it regarding in which ear to plug in, then manufacturers many well remove this dot.

    Whose use this dot?

    Manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Cowon, Huawei, etc. actually use this dot on their earphones. It is worth noticing that the earphones bundled within the smartphone packaging have this, according to us.

    You’re Lucky to Have it even with the Actual Marking

    As said earlier, all the earphones won't have this feature. But, if you are the one who own a Samsung earphone with even the actual left and right marking along with the ‘dot', then you are treated as a lucky person.

    The Dot is Permanent, Not the Markings!

    Having said this, the marking of left and right on the earpieces will be wiped off, but any force can't get rid of the dot, unless until you're specifically at it.

    Have You Spotted the Mysterious ‘Dot?’

    The Dot may be found on some earphones, and especially Samsung is very serious at it as they won't have self-belief on their markings (Just Kidding). Have you spotted the mysterious dot on your earphone? Let us know your findings along with the earphone model in the comments below!

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