Google Home vs Apple HomePod: The Voice Assistant Showdown

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At the WWDC 2017 event, Apple introduced their Siri-based speaker in an attempt to counter Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Google Home vs Apple HomePod: The Voice Assistant Showdown

Unlike the other two, Apple's HomePod focus more on sound with Siri and Apple's HomeKit tucked beneath it. Today, we are going to compare Apple HomePod and Google Home on the specification front. So let's get started.

Focus more on sound quality

The HomePod comes with seven tweeter speakers and a dedicated woofer setup, each with a "custom amplifier" configuration. While on the other hand, Google Home comes with a single speaker and dual passive radiator.

Homepod is bulkier

On to the form factor, the HomePod is considerably bulkier weighing at 5.5 lbs and measuring 172 x 142 mm. While the Google Home weighs around 1.05 lbs and measures 142.8 x 96.4 mm.

Voice assistance

The HomePod has Siri, while Google Home has Google Assistant as the voice assistants. Both of them works in a similar way, which is it uses cloud computing for voice recognition and responding to queries and demands. However, it should be connected to the Internet all the time.

Their own Ecosystem

Talking about the music service, both has its own ecosystem, with their own library. Google has Play Music, while Apple, on the other hand, has iTunes digital music store and the Apple Music subscription services. In this case, Apple has a significant edge over Google, where the iTunes is said to have more collections than the later. Moreover, the Google has Cast service that works with Android and iOS devices, however, on the other hand, HomePod has just AirPlay that works only on the iOS system.

HomePod is significantly greater

Coming to the smart home control, HomePod with the help of Siri can control any Apple's HomeKit ecosystem including huge selections such as lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, fans, garage door openers, and other home automation and security gadgets.

On the other hand, Google is not a boss here comparatively. This Google Home is compatible with some big names as well Nest, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and WeMo.


Coming to the price, the Apple HomePod is priced at $349 (approximately Rs. 22,500), and the Google Home is around $129 (approximately Rs. 8,300)


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