Here's Why You Shouldn't Have Dumped Your Old iPod For Music Streaming Services

Dumping your old iPod was surely been the worst decision ever.

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Old is gold! This phrase perfectly fits when comparing the old phones with the present day smartphones as well as the old legacy iPods.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Have Dumped Your Old iPod

In the current technologically advanced environment, there are some gadgets that make life easy, wherein, the others couldn't be equally user-friendly. Comparing the iPods with the present day music streaming services, the old devices seemed much user-friendly, convenient, reliable and durable.

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Music compiling was easy and fun with iPods, which is surely not the case with the vast range of music streaming services that make life complicated. Walking down the memory lane, here's why dumping the old and legacy iPods were surely the worst decision one could ever make.

Music Management Has Become Complicated

Considering the old iPods, managing music was way easier back then with the extensive iTunes catalogs. Managing music stored locally was easier to compile and search for the favorite tracks than dealing with streaming service catalogs. In order to listen to our favorite music with streaming service, users are required to choose their plans, favorite albums, remember their playlist and so much more, which surely makes it very difficult for one to manage in the busy schedule. It is at this point that music stored locally seems to be much more convenient, and this is when we often miss iPods.

iPods Requires Low Maintainance

Unlike iPhones, iPods are designed just to enjoy the music and these are devices that do not need much maintenance. However, iPhones often tend to disturb the users with innumerable notifications, which are often extremely annoying. Never quite disturbed music listening with unnecessary notifications and reminded of the to-dos as it never had any cellular contact. However, iPods are convenient in this regard. No notifications and interruptions by unnecessary pop-ups occur when listening to the favorite tracks on iPods.

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Curating the Music Collection Was Fun

Curating music when subscribed to a streaming service is surely easy as the users can have access to any kind of music, at any time, which often comes very handy. However, laboriously curating the MP3 collection, making a list of favorite songs, dividing it into categories is time-consuming, but was equally fun. Depending on streaming services can often let the users lose their playlist, which surely doesn't happen with the with the iPods where tracks can be stored locally by the users.

Very Easy to Use

iPods are easy to use, come handy and can also be operated with one hand unlike the other hefty devices available these days. Hence, iPods can be used while traveling, walking, riding or be it during any time of the day, and is also extremely convenient for users to carry it anywhere they travel as these tiny devices occupy a very less space, which is not the case with the advanced devices for sure.

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