Must-have Smartphone Camera Accessories For Photography Enthusiasts to Capture the Best Shot

Gadgets for best photography!

    What is the first thing that you consider before purchasing a smartphone? Maybe the processor, battery capacity, the operating system or the durability. Well, in the visually advanced arena today, camera quality is one of the key factors that you might consider before buying a smartphone.

    Must-have Smartphone Camera Accessories For Photography Enthusiasts

    Be it an occasion, a trip or say Christmas party at the workplace, one thing that everyone wants is to click photos to keep the memories alive for a lifetime and one needs a good quality camera for the purpose. 

    Gone are the days when one was required to a carry digital camera to capture pictures at an event, thanks to our smartphones. Most smartphones today come with excellent camera setup, be it rear or selfie camera.

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    However the question that arises here is, can these mobile cameras beat the SLRs and DSLRs available in the market and deliver crystal clear and good quality DSLR-like pictures? And the answer will often be NO.

    Compared to these professional cameras, smartphone camera setups come with a lot of shortcomings. However, there are several affordable camera accessories available in the market that can bring out the best-clicked picture ever, almost similar to that of a DSLR.

    We at GizBot have come up with a few must-have camera accessories, if you are a photography enthusiast, and are unable to get one of the outstandingly expensive professional cameras. Let's take a look.

    Pocket Spotlight

    Not many will know what a "Pocket Spotlight" is. Pocket Spotlight is a continuous light source that you can use when clicking pictures in low-light condition. The device comes with three different brightness settings including full strength, half strength, and strobe. Pocket Spotlight is the best gadget to be used for dramatic lighting indoors or take the most flattering fireside selfie with your smartphone.

    Pocket Spotlight is pretty durable and fits comfortably in your pocket. Fit the device into the headphone jack of your mobile, turn it ON and capture the best quality photos or videos with a constant source light. Spotlight comes with an internal battery and hence doesn't use your smartphone battery. When drained out, the device can be charged with a USB cable really quick.


    So when do we require a tripod? The answer is to take a stable, good quality shot. For the photography enthusiasts out there, having a tripod for your phone photography is the best and most affordable gadget you can ever have. A free hand shot is often shaky and unclear, hence holding the smartphone in your hand to capture a beautiful sunset is a really bad option. This is exactly when the need for a tripod pops out. A tripod lets you shoot at a slow shutter speed or click a series of shots from exactly the same point, providing the best result ever.

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    Selfie Stick

    More than capturing a landscape, people today are interested in selfies. The apt way to click the best selfie is with a selfie stick. The gadget comes handy, easy to carry, and the best part is that it is extremely affordable. It is very recently that Selfie sticks entered the smartphone arena, and quickly mushroomed in the smartphone accessory market, thanks to the rising craze for selfies.

    Selfie stick helps you click a selfie, groupfie or take interesting shots from different angles. The device comes in different variants, where some are equipped with Bluetooth controls for easy operations and are extremely pocket-friendly.

    Add-on Lenses

    Smartphones have come a long way. Another gadget that many use to capture the best moments possible is an external lens. There are several short films and documentaries that are made with a mobile camera and the results are quite amazing. 

    There are several types of smartphone camera lenses available in different sizes and shapes at a much affordable cost.

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