Sony SRS XG-500 Speaker Review: The Party Rockstar You Have Been Waiting For


Sony is leading for the way in premium audio products in India. The company has been showing its expertise with wireless audio technology refining its devices to cater the modern-day audiophiles. The latest offering by the company is called the SRS XG-500 that brings back the traditional stereo speakers vibes but is technologically advanced. The brand had also introduced two other high-end portable speakers alongside dubbed SRS-XP500 and the SRS-XP700.



Sony SRS XG-500 Speaker Review

We have received the Sony SRS XG-500 for review. This speaker is priced at Rs. 32,990 in India and can be purchased via both online and offline stores in India. Sony's SRS speaker lineup has been impressive in terms of audio and built quality. How well the latest product fairs up the expectations and should it be on your buying list? Find out in this review:

A Hefty Boombox Design With LED Lights

A Hefty Boombox Design With LED Lights

The Sony SRS XG-500 has a cylindrical shape with the outer surface covered in a fabric mesh. The passive radiators on either side have customizable LED integrated which gives this design a modern take on the traditional stereo boombox.

As the title suggests, it's a hefty speaker that weighs around 5.5kg, but the plastic grab rail on top makes it easy to carry around. The build quality is good no compromise anywhere. The fabric mesh does pick up dust over time. But, that's easily cleanable.

Besides, the SRS XG-500 has IP67 certification making it apt for your poolside parties. There are a bunch of keys on the top-right of the speaker with which you can not only control the media and volume but also toggle on the Mega Bass feature.

The rubber and the keys are smooth and nimble to touch. All the ports are at the back inside a secure rubber casing. Overall, the speaker features a good looking design; but minus the heft weight it 'be the most premium party speaker without say.

No Compromise On Audio Front

No Compromise On Audio Front

Sony has always lived up to the expectations with its audio products. The SRS-XG500 also brings the same premium Sony's audio signature with DSP technology to the table. The party speaker is loud enough to rattle all the window glasses in your room.

The party speaker comprises two of each subwoofer, passive radiator, and tweeters. You'll feel the lowest of bass notes the moment you play a song. What's impressive here is that despite the bass being hefty, it doesn't overpower the remaining audio aspects.

The audio note is balanced with the treble and the mids completing the bass fairly. You can of course enhance the bass with the Mega Bass option. This mode is best suited for EDM, RnB, and pop genres. The audio output with a guitar or mic (for Karaoke) plugged is good.

It isn't too shallow. But you might need an equalizer for better audio delivery. This is when you compare the audio with a guitar amp. Just for reference, I had tested this with my Fender Squire Bullet electric guitar. And since I have been pairing it with dedicated Amps the audio comparison was easy.

Spending money feels worth here when at the loudest levels the audio doesn't muffle or stutters and the output remains consistent with each audio element being easily distinguishable. Vocals also don't get suppressed at the highest audio levels which enhance the listening experience overall.

Multiple Connectivity And Guitar Port

Multiple Connectivity And Guitar Port

The Sony SRS XG-500 has two USB charging ports at the back which doubles up as your mobile charger. This is one useful feature that comes in handy while you are hosting any party or are carrying this unit outdoors. Additionally, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, one mic/guitar port, and a DC IN port for charging.

There are a bunch of keys as well at the back including party connect, battery, light, and guitar. You can select the desired modes for the speaker from here. It is worth adding that the Party mode allows up to 100 compatible speakers to be paired for a wider soundstage.

The SRS-XG500 has Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired up with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smart TVs. Once you power on this speaker, you will need to press the Bluetooth pairing key from the speaker itself and follow the pairing process on your respective devices. We didn't experience any issues with the connectivity range as well. No audio breakages over 10m of range.

The speaker also is compatible with the Sony Music centre app. This gives you better control over the speakers as you can modify the audio and also the LED lights. You can also control the Mega Bass settings directly from the app once paired.

Sony SRS XG-500 Battery Performance

Sony SRS XG-500 Battery Performance

As per Sony, the SRS XG-500 can last up to 19 hours. However, you only get close to this figure if the audio is lower than 60 or 50 per cent. In general, we got over 8 hours of backup with loud audio levels.

Thankfully, the speaker ships with fast charging which is a savior when you have a party going on and need quick backups. It takes approx 10 to 15 minutes for the battery to give a backup of three hours. The longer battery backup surely makes it a complete package.

Sony SRS XG-500 Verdict: You Won’t Regret Buying It

Sony SRS XG-500 Verdict: You Won’t Regret Buying It

The Sony SRS XG-500 is worth spending every penny if you are an audiophile and premium audio and built quality is what you admire. This speaker comes as a rival to the JBL Boombox 2 and has a slightly higher price tag, but the wider audio stage is what gives the new Sony speaker an edge.

The Sony SRS XG-500 is best suited for users who are looking for a premium outdoor speaker that can also double up as a home theatre.

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