Headset that turns your palm into keyboard!

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    What if the palm of your hand can work as a keyboard? A Google patent aims to turn the skin on your palm into a virtual keyboard.

    Headset that turns your palm into keyboard!

    It describes a Google Glass-like headset that beams an interactive virtual keyboard directly onto a person's palm.

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    A camera in the headset tracks the movement of the fingers to know which keys are being pressed before feeding the information to a website or an app, Daily Mail reported.

    Headset that turns your palm into keyboard!

    The patent was filed in June 2012 and was awarded to Google early this week.

    The present application discloses systems and methods for a virtual input device, in one example, the virtual input device includes a tiny projector and a camera.

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    In the virtual keyboard, numbers could be assigned to a forefinger, while symbols could be assigned to a middle finger.

    Headset that turns your palm into keyboard!

    Alternatively, letters could be plotted across the fingers and palm from top to bottom.

    Users would then use their thumb to "press" the various keys on both hands.

    The projector can be mounted on an arm of a pair of eyeglasses and the camera may be mounted on an opposite arm of the eyeglasses.

    Headset that turns your palm into keyboard!

    The users can also watch videos on the palm of their hand rather than having to hold a device in front of them.

    The patent also suggests that the device could project a trackpad onto a body part which would allow for finer control.

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