New reports show up on Apple's upcoming wireless charger

Apple will supposedly introduce a 10watt wireless charger for upcoming iPhone which will charge the device in double the time as compared to wired chargers.

A new information has come up which confirms that the Apple's upcoming flagship smartphones will boast the much anticipated wireless charging prowess. The details come from RAVPower which manufactures charging solutions for mobile devices that include power banks and charging accessories.

New reports show up on Apple's upcoming wireless charger

If the details are to be believed, RAVpower claims that Apple has already started manufacturing the wireless charger in compliance with Qi standards. The charger will offer an output of 10 watts which will take almost double the time that of what the wired chargers provide.

RAVpower CEO has given a statement regarding the details of the charger. "Our sources tell us the next iPhones have special technology for wireless charging that we have in this charger. Our wireless charger will wirelessly charge the next iPhones at full speed, as well as being able to charge other mobile devices wirelessly."

Compared to competitors Apple will supposedly play it safe. While LG offers a 15-watt wireless charger Apple sticks with 10 watts in order to maintain a fail safe standard. It is already rumored that the upcoming iPhone will have a glass casing. The casing will further help the smartphone charge quickly.

Samsung's wireless charger, on the other hand, takes close to two hours to completely charge the flagship device Galaxy S8. The wired charger for Samsung Galaxy S8 cuts short the charging time by up to 30 minutes.

There is a steamy competition coming up that concerns the charging time for wireless chargers of the two technology giants. That is to say, if Apple does come up with wireless charger soon enough.


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