O.MG Elite Cable Is The Reason Why You Should Avoid Third-Party Chargers


We often tend to ignore the consequences that using third-party accessories can have. Similarly, one might think what harm can a third-party USB cable do, right? If you are someone who borrows a USB cable to charge your phone or peripherals very often, then you definitely need to have knowledge about the scary O.MG Elite Cable.

The O.MG Elite Cable Is Scary

The O.MG Elite cable looks like a regular data/charging cable that phone makers ship with every device, and that's what makes it even more dangerous. In reality, it is a full-blown computer that could do a lot of damage including data stealing and deploying malicious codes, among other nefarious activities. So, what is this O.MG Elite cable?

O.MG Elite cable is a regular-looking USB cable that is fitted with an implant that can connect to a web server and do USB communications. It even has Wi-Fi access, allowing hackers to steal and access the data remotely. The O.MG Elite cable is so cleverly designed, that even trained eyes won't be able to distinguish between a normal cable and O.MG Elite cable.

According to the report from The Verge, the new and improved version of the O.MG Elite cable can now do bidirectional communication over the internet and it can also be used to perform keystroke injection attacks. The cable also has built-in memory, capable of holding up to 650,000 key entries and it can record everything from your phone password to net banking credentials.

Available In Various Formats

The O.MG Elite cable is available in USB Type-C, USB Type-A, and Lightning formats and can be used with almost any modern computing device, including Android and iOS devices. The fully capable version of the O.MG Elite cable retails for $179.99 or Rs. 14,500, which is slightly on the higher side. However, for someone who might want to hack a phone or steal user data, this should still sound cheap.


What's Our Take On It?

It is definitely one of the most covert hacking tools that we have come across in recent times. This again reminded me of the fact that one should be careful and definitely think twice before borrowing a charging cable from a stranger.

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