Samsung’s Latest TV Remote To Run On Radio Waves: No Need To Recharge Or Change Battery


One of the main drawbacks of modern electronic devices is that they had to be recharged once in a while. While most recharge their phones every day, devices like remotes and controllers need new batteries once in a few months. Samsung has now come up with a remote, which will stay charged, thanks to the radio waves.

Samsung’s Latest TV Remote To Run On Radio Waves: Samsung Eco Remote

Samsung introduced solar power Eco remote during CES 2021. For CES 2022, the company has gone a step ahead and showcased a radio wave-powered Eco remote with support for solar charging. The remote has RF harvesting capabilities, which can collect radio waves via routers to stay charged.

As products like remotes use less power, this tech should be more than enough to keep the product running without requiring a recharge. Even if it requires a recharge, you can just plug a USB Type-C charger from your phone, as the Samsung Eco remote supports fast charging via the USB Type-C remote.

Will This Lead To Greener World?

According to Samsung, ditching AAA batteries from remote and opting for solar-powered technology will reduce 99 million discarded batteries in just seven years. On top of that, the company has also been working on various methods of charging remotes like "harnessing the kinetic energy that's created when the remote is shaken" and "using the vibrational energy that's created when the microphone picks up sounds"

It now looks like RF harvesting technology might have been a lot more practical for implementation when compared to the other technologies. More and more premium smart TV OEMs are likely to opt for similar technologies for their smart remotes. LG has also been releasing smart remotes with their smart TVs that have a built-in battery.

Which Products Will Get Samsung Eco Remote?

According to Samsung, products like lifestyle televisions like The Frame, Serif, and Sero smart TV range will ship with Samsung Eco remote. These are some of the premium and expensive smart TVs that Samsung makes. More conventional smart TVs from Samsung will continue to ship with remotes that take AAA batteries, as they cost a lot less than a Samsung Eco remote.



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