Wacom's new stylus can be used with Windows 2-in-1 line of devices

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If you picked a stylus to use it on a Slate or Hybrid device, Wacom was responsible for the tech. The company announced its Bamboo Smart stylus for Windows hybrid gadgets. The Wacom stylus is for Windows hybrid gadgets.

Wacom's new stylus can be used with Windows 2-in-1 line of devices

The Wacom Bamboo stylus is suitable with Microsoft Surface line of tablets. The best part about the Banboo stylus is that it also works as a great replacement for a stylus that might have been damaged. The Bamboo Smart will go on sale next month.

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The Bamboo Smart is compatible with Windows devices that feature an Active Electro-Static (AES) tech. The Bamboo Smart is compatible with devices like the Dell Venue 10, HP Elite X2 1021, Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga and Toshiba dynaPad N72.

The Wacom Stylus is suitable with Hybrid Tablets especially 2-in-1's. The Bamboo Smart Stylus was launched at CES. The Bamboo Smart offers pressure sensitive input especially for right clicks and double clicks. Wacom has also announced a version of the Bamboo Smart for Samsung devices.

The Bamboo Stylus can be a replacement for a stylus that is already provided. If one is not comfortable using the stylus provided with the device, one can look forward to Wacom's Bamboo Stylus. We can expect such as Stylus for android devices as well.

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Wacom is adding handwriting and text conversion to its Bamboo Spark notebook, Wacom is adding handwriting to text conversion. The Bamboo Spark Notebook was announced in September and can digitize scribbles and handwritten notes. The Spark Notebook can turn the notes into text. This is applicable in 13 languages. One can beam notes to email, Evernote and Onenote apps via Bamboo Spark companion app and via Wacom's cloud-based service. This feature is available through an update for the Spark Notebook users.


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