Amazfit PowerBuds Review: Made For Fitness Freaks


Amazfit is known for its smart bands and smartwatches that come at affordable prices. For the first time, the company has launched TWS (truly wireless stereo) earbuds -- the Amazfit PowerBuds in India.


Amazfit PowerBuds Review: Made For Fitness Freaks


The PowerBuds retail for Rs. 6,999, which comes in between the premium and affordable segment. One of the peculiarities of these TWS is the real-time heart rate tracking. This is one of the first pair of earphones in the market that offers this feature. I have been using these earbuds for over a month and here is my take on Amazfit's first audio product in India.

Amazfit PowerBuds Design: Light And Compact

Amazfit PowerBuds Design: Light And Compact

Just like every other TWS, the PowerBuds also come in a case that doubles as a charging cradle. It has a single LED light on the outside along with a USB Type-C port for charging. The company also includes a short charging cable in the retail package.

Do note that, the earbuds are IP55 water and dust resistance certified, but that doesn't extend to its charging case. This means you can wear these earbuds while jogging or working out but not while swimming or taking a shower.

The charging cradle comes with a low-key branding at the top and it is almost invisible, which further enhances the look of the product. Two earbuds and the ear hooks are inside the case, and there is also a multi-function button, which can be used to check the battery percentage of the case. The LED turns red if the battery of the case runs low, else it will be white in color.

Coming to the Buds, most of the TWS mimics Apple AirPods, whereas the PowerBuds look different with aa sort of a pattern. These earbuds support various gestures to answer a call and to control music playback on the phone, and these functions work great with both Android and iOS devices.

Amazfit PowerBuds: Heart Rate Tracking

Amazfit PowerBuds: Heart Rate Tracking

Though most smart bands and smartwatches now support active heart rate tracking, there are only a few earphones that offer this feature in the world, and the PowerBuds is one of those products.

The company is using a PPG heart rate sensor on the right earbud. The company claims that it accurately measures the heartbeats and the same data can be synced using the Amazfit app. To offer a snug fit while running or exercising, one of three pairs of ear tips that comes with the product and the magnetic hear hook also helps in securing the earbuds while working out rigorously.

As these are magnetic hear hooks, it is easy to attach and detach. Similarly, they are being stored inside the case which is an added advantage. The overall design of the product is in such a way that it can offer a comfy workout experience.

These earbuds will start to record heartbeats when you enable a workout mode on the Amazfit app. The app offers various workout modes like running, cycling, and walking. If you are using an Amazfit smartwatch with the PowerBuds, then the data from both devices will be combined to offer a single workout report. As these earbuds do not have GPS, it uses the phone's navigation system to calculate the distance traveled.

Coming to the heart rate tracking, the earbuds send the data directly to the paired smartphone. I have been using the PowerBuds while jogging and the heart rate data sent from the smartwatch (Amazfit T-Rex) is identical to that of the data from PowerBuds.

It also has a feature where the earbuds will play an audio note if the heart rate exceeds a certain limit and this feature is programmable. It also has a feature, where the earbuds will smartly increasing bass depending on the intensity of the workout to offer better music listening experience.

Amazfit PowerBuds Audio: Loud And Clear

Amazfit PowerBuds Audio: Loud And Clear

The Amazfit PowerBuds comes with 9mm drivers with a sound frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz and 160 ohms of impedance. As per the connectivity, they use Bluetooth 5.0 LE technology and offers a good range and audio clarity while consuming less power.

The PowerBuds also offer ENC Dual-Microphone Noise Reduction Filtering. This feature will improve call quality, especially in noisy outdoor conditions by smartly filtering the background noise. Similarly, it also offers through mode that will enhance the background noise. And this feature will be useful while cycling or jogging on the roadside.

These earbuds get loud, like really loud, especially at around 90 to 100 percent volume and isolate the noise even in the busiest workout places such as a crowded gym or a park.

For the audiophiles, the earbuds do offer an option to tweak the sound out via the Amazfit app with a built-in equalizer. As per my experience, the PowerBuds offer good low and mids and unlike some of the mid-range earbuds, the bass is not overpowering the vocals, which is something that I prefer.

I listened to a variety of music, including classical Hindustani, Karnatic, and the modern pop-rock and I was satisfied with the overall sound signature of these earbuds. However, if you are a bass-head, then you might have to tweak the equalizer to tune the sound to your taste.

Amazfit PowerBuds Battery Life: All-Day Battery

Amazfit PowerBuds Battery Life: All-Day Battery

Each of the Amazfit PowerBuds includes a 55Whr battery, whereas the case comes with a 450 mAh battery. As per the company's claim, the earbuds themselves can last up to 8 hours on a single charge and the charging case can fully charge them twice, offering a total of 24 hours of battery life.

The charging case with the earbuds takes around one and a half hour and it also offers a quick refill option, where 15 minutes of charging can offer 3 hours of music listening experience without the heart rate monitoring.

In real-world usage, the PowerBuds offered an average battery life on around six and a half hour and the charging case was able to charge these earbuds twice from 0 to 100 percent. So, the product can easily last for an entire day without any issue. And both earbuds discharge at a similar rate and there is no anomaly in that.

As it uses a USB Type-C port, it can be charged with a regular smartphone power adapter and a Type-C cable without any issue. Overall, the battery life of the PowerBuds is very satisfactory and reliable. One can also check the exact battery life of the earbuds on the charging case from the Amazfit app and this feature is mostly found on high-end earbuds that cost over Rs. 10,000.

Amazfit PowerBuds: Clear Sounding TWS With An X Factor

Amazfit PowerBuds: Clear Sounding TWS With An X Factor

Considering the features and specifications offered by the Amazfit PowerBuds, it is very clear that the brand is focusing on serious runners and joggers. If you wear the buds and carry your smartphone while running/jogging, then the app will collect all the data from the phone and the earbuds to offer a deep dive into your workout session.

Even if you don't consider the heart rate monitoring feature, the PowerBuds offer a great music listening experience and can last for an entire day without any issue, and the through mode works great to either enhance or reduce surround sound.

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