Audio Technica ATH-102USB Review: Ideal Work-From-Home Headset?


Audio accessories, especially headphones and earphones, have surged in demand since 2020. Shifting to the work-from-home and e-schooling norms has created a demand for good quality headsets. And, Audio Technica has answered the rising demand with a new pair of headsets. The Audio Technica ATH-102USB headset is designed specifically for professionals working from home.



Audio Technica ATH-102USB Review

Audio Technica ATH-102USB

The Audio Technica ATH-102USB packs a typical headphone design with a dedicated mic that can be extended for clearer audio delivery. Audio Technica has priced the new pair of headphones at Rs. 2,393, which makes it an affordable choice. I've detailed the pros and cons of the new headphones, helping you decide if it makes a good buy for you.

Audio Technica ATH-102USB Design: Packs Handy Features

Audio Technica ATH-102USB Design: Packs Handy Features

The Audio Technica ATH-102USB flaunts a typical headphone design with a lightweight body. Unlike the typical gaming headsets that offer softer cushions, this headphone is designed to deliver clearer audio output. There's a bi-directional mic that protrudes to fit close to your mouth, giving you clearer voice output.

The earphones are quite comfortable to wear, without straining your ears or head even during prolonged use. One of the features that I loved on the Audio Technica ATH-102USB is the dedicated button for volume control. This button also has a dedicated slider to turn on/off the mic. This is especially handy when you're in a video call and have to mute on/off frequently.

design element

The design element of the Audio Technica ATH-102USB also includes super-long wire, which is quite handy for many. However, in the era of wireless earbuds, the long cable connecting to your device can be quite a tangling mess! Nevertheless, the headphone comes with a USB Type-C adapter, letting you connect via your Android phone.

Audio Technica ATH-102USB Performance: Perfect For Work-From-Home Meetings

Audio Technica ATH-102USB Performance: Perfect For Work-From-Home Meetings

The Audio Technica ATH-102USB includes 30mm dynamic drivers that have a frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz and an impedance of 32 Ohms. There's a carbon black film diaphragm that further aids in noise cancellation. The overall performance of the headset is quite satisfactory.

I used the Audio Technica ATH-102USB for watching a couple of videos and found the overall experience to be quite good. The noise cancellation feature helps to get a complete audio experience. But the real highlight of the headphones is during meetings or video conferences. The extended mic delivers my voice clearly - which I found to be missing in several wireless headsets.

extended adapter

The extended adapter helps to connect with both laptops/smart TVs as well as your Android phone. Since there's only a Type-C adapter, iPhone users miss out here. I also felt having Bluetooth support would have made things even better, letting me have a completely wireless experience. But the asking price for the superb mic makes up for it!

Audio Technica ATH-102USB Verdict: A Good Budget Purchase

Audio Technica ATH-102USB Verdict: A Good Budget Purchase

A lot has changed over the past year and one of them is prolonged video meetings. Be it for your child's school needs or your professional online meetings, the Audio Technica ATH-102USB makes a good buy. The comfort delivered by the lightweight frame is a bonus. The budget price tag, adjustable mic, and clear audio experience make this Audio Technica headset a good buy.

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