beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review: A sturdy in-ear headphones with a decent performance

Here’s what we think about the beyerdynamic Beat BYRD in-ear headphones.


Headphones, be it wired or wireless are becoming a necessity and not a luxury these days. A good pair of headphones can be a great accessory for smartphone users who commute a lot and like to listen to their favorite music as they take a walk or workout.



beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review

Though wireless headphones are much suited for these activities and have set a trend recently, there is no shortage for the wired ones as well. There are many in-ear headphones that are preferred by users.

beyerdynamic is a leader in the audio technology. The brand has a good reputation for launching impressive products for the past few decades. The notable aspect of this brand is that its products are not only functional but also feature the best design. Recently, beyerdynamic launched an in-ear headphones called Beat Byrd priced at Rs. 2,199. Let's take a look at the review of this in-ear headphones to know if it is a good buy.

Sturdy build and comfortable design

Sturdy build and comfortable design

beyerdynamic Beat Byrd is a stylish and durable in-ear headphones. It is lightweight measuring just 5 grams without the cable and convenient to use as well. The ear tips are small and sutle giving the impression that the accessory is perfect for the ergonomics of the human ear.

It won't be an exaggeration to say that the beyerdynamic Beat Byrd stands apart from the others in its category in terms of its design. The build quality appears to be durable and sturdy. You might underestimate its performance seeing its compact and minimalist design but this one is a good pair of in-ear headphones for its pricing.

The earbuds have a small design and good build and are of a unique shape. The earbuds feature the latest logo of the company. There are no complaints in terms of design and looks. The earbuds are small enough and have a snug fit. The buds do not protrude out of the ear canal, thanks to the flat design that is rarely seen on earphones. The fit is perfect that you need not readjust it pretty often. On the whole, it is comfortable to be worn for a long time. After all, a comfortable fit is very important for headphones users.

When it comes to the cable, beyerdynamic has opted for a relatively thicker cable design than the one on a majority of the earphones in the market. But this design choice adds more value to the product. The cable doesn't get tangled easily. You put it in your pocket or bag and it stays in the same shape making it easy to use it. So, there's no need to detangle the cable before every use. This is possible due to the thick and stiff cable. Moreover, this design will make the cable durable without any possible cuts that you might often encounter with the earphones.

Audio performance

Audio performance

Despite its lightweight design, the in-ear headphones from beyerdynamic doesn't compromise on the performance part. It is not the loudest one in its category but it handles extension to highs and lows to a decent level. On the bass front, this pair of in-ear headphones produces a fair amount of details for the normal users. There is a good amount of punch but it is not the punchiest one in its category. When listening at high volume levels, there is a noticeable distortion but this is not a rare phenomenon. Notably, the vocals come to life across volume levels.

When it comes to testing this in-ear headphones, it performed above average in the bass test, treble test, and hearing test. In the bass test, it is audible only up to 50Hz and not less than that. Good headphones will be audible up to 20Hz the lowest audible range of the human ear. In the treble test, the upper limit of human hearing range is 20000Hz but this one is audible only up to 15000Hz. In the quality test, the beyerdynamic Beat Byrd performance is good. While the poorly built headphones rattle and shake at high volume levels, this one produces just a mild buzz, which isn't noticeable. In the hearing test, this one gets the excellent rating as it is audible from approximately 110000Hz.

This pair of in-ear headphones products good audio quality but the audiophiles might expect better performance. On the whole, this beyerdynamic in-ear headphones balances between bass, mids and highs impressively. And, it is suitable for casual music listening across genres.



Priced at Rs. 2,199, beyerdynamic Beat BYRD the cable is stiff and good build quality for the pricing. At this pricing, this headphones bets big on the build and comfort. It offers good audio performannce but it is not really the best in its price bracket. To put in simple words, you can experience above-average audio quality and a comfortable fit with this pair of headphones from beyerdynamic. Well, you can opt for cheaper headphones with a louder and better sound but you might have to replace them quite often, which is not the case with this one.

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