ClickShare CSE-200 review: Premium boardroom accessory that replaces HDMI cable


Barco is known for offering high-tech professional gadgets like projectors and displays. The company has now come up with a new product, the ClickShare, which is designed to offer ease of use and data security, especially for the corporate world.

ClickShare CSE-200 review: Premium boardroom accessory



The ClickShare CSE-200 is the mid-tier wireless content sharing device from Barco, which retails for Rs 1.62 lakhs in India. Here is our view on the ClickShare CSE-200, which is aimed at the corporate world.

What is ClickShare CSE-200?

What is ClickShare CSE-200?

The ClickShare CSE-200 is an add-on accessory for your boardroom, which converts your standard meeting hall into a modern state of the art meeting hall. A user has to connect the ClickShare button to a laptop to project the contents of the laptop wirelessly (up to 100 feet) to a projector or a display using Wi-Fi screencast technology.

This is a plug and play device, which does not require any sort of software installation on your laptop or what so ever.

Retail package content

Retail package content

The retail package of the ClickShare CSE-200 comes with a single wireless receiver and two buttons.

ClickShare CSE-200 specifications and features

ClickShare CSE-200 specifications and features


  • Output: HDMI /wireless (FHD/1080p)
  • Number of parallel screens: 2
  • No of active connection: 16
  • Smartphone support: AirPlay, Google Cast, iOS App, Android App, MirrorOp
  • Operation: Standalone or network integration
  • API: Rest
  • Warranty: 3 years of standard warranty and optional 2 years of extended warranty
  • Software support: Up to 7 years from the day of launch
ClickShare CSE-200 design

ClickShare CSE-200 design

For an untrained eye, the ClickShare CSE-200 looks like a satellite receiver. The outer case of the ClickShare CSE-200 is made using high-quality polycarbonate, which helps for air circulation, which will keep the device cool even with the continues usage.

The base mount comes with two retractable antennas, which can be easily attached/detached. The ClickShare CSE-200 can be placed on a tablet or can be wall mounted, and the company takes care of the wall-mounting and training process for free of cost.

Overall, the click share has a compact form factor and looks modern. Due to the compact form factor, the Click share does not consume much of a space.

Security features

Security features

One of the highlights of the ClickShare CSE-200 is the security of the device. The device is designed to offer unlimited user privacy and enhanced security features. Here are some of the security features offered by the ClickShare CSE-200.

Plug & Play

Just insert the ClickShare button to a USB port (works on Windows OS and macOS to mirror your on-screen content to a projector or a display on the boardroom.

WPS certified

The ClickShare CSE-200 is a Wi-Fi WPS certified device to protect user data and to offer an added layer of security.

USB whitelisting

The company will provide keys (vendor ID and product ID) for those who need to whitelist the USB so that the ClickShare can be used with company laptops, which has USB encryption.

Our experience with the ClickShare CSE-200

Our experience with the ClickShare CSE-200

Setting up the ClickShare CSE-200 is pretty simple. We were able to connect or laptop and smartphone at the same time within minutes without any issue.

Users can either use 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi bands with an option to reduce the range of these Wi-Fi bands to prevent misuse. As the ClickShare CSE-200 does not require any sort of software installation, it is easy to use the ClickShare CSE-200 with any laptop running on Windows OS or macOS.

We had no issues with the image, and even the latency was very negligible. Again, the image quality mainly depends on your display or projector.

The company will push timely software updates to keep the device safe and secure. The ClickShare CSE-200 can connect up to 2 devices at the same time (laptop + laptop) (smartphone + smartphone) or (smartphone + laptop) for an immersive presentation experience. However, there is no option to resize these screens, which could be a deal breaker for some users.



The ClickShare CSE-200 is designed to offer wire-free conference room and un-compromised security features. Considering the price tag of Rs 1.62 lakhs, the ClickShare CSE-200 is for those who are looking for modernizing their boardroom.

This is definitely a great product, which comes with a hefty price tag. The company has a try and buy policy, where corporates and enterprises can test the device for a while before investing a huge amount. It is pretty hard to recommend this product for small companies or even for the end users, as Rs 1.62 is a big amount of money to spend on an accessory that replaces your HDMI cable.

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