Digitek DBE008 Wireless Neckband Review: Average Audio But Decent Build Quality


Headphones are the most used smartphone accessories in the modern world. Since their arrival, listening to music on-the-go became simpler. The audio products industry has evolved exponentially in the last decade.


Digitek DBE008 Wireless Neckband Review


We don't have to specifically go for chunky wired headphones now as there are a plethora of comfortable pairs with flexible design out there.

Speaking of which, Digitek, a homegrown smartphone accessories brand has expanded its audio portfolio with the launch of the new 'DBE' neckband series. There are five different models in this lineup - the DBE004, DBE005, DBE006, DBE007, and the DBE008. Starting at Rs. 895 and going up to Rs. 1,495, the products are designed to cater to the affordable segment.

Notably, the budget wireless segment has the stiffest competition. Having said that, we got to use the top variant- the DBE008 priced at Rs. 1,495. While most of the wireless neckband offers flexible design, the DBE008 offers a stiff neckband design. But does it hamper the wearing comfort and how well it delivers on output; read on to know:

Snug Fit But Unpleasant Design

Snug Fit But Unpleasant Design

Like we said above, it is a stiff neckband unlike the flexible ones available today. But, the build quality is decent and it feels rugged to hold. The earbuds have a snug fit design with the soft ear tips, I didn't find any difficulties in wearing them.

I wouldn't say that these are the most comfortable but is okay for what you pay. The cables connecting the neackband and the earbuds are of decent quality. What I liked about them is that they are tangle-free. Also, the standard magnetic lock feature is present, so you don't have to worry about the pair falling off.

As for the media control keys, the left edge of the neckband houses the power key sandwiched between the volume keys. You can use the volume keys to toggle between songs (with short presses).

The buttons are protruding but it is hard to figure out the etchings. You might need to give it a look to make the adjustments. Personally, I find the design a bit dated and a more sleek form factor would have done the trick.

A Noisy Affair

A Noisy Affair

If loud audio output is what you fancy, this pair will not let you down. The DBE008 can get quite noisy at peak levels and if clarity is what you seek, you might not be impressed.

But that doesn't mean it is a bad sounding neckband. It performs decently at 70 - 80 percent volume levels. At peak levels, the audio gets cluttered and it is hard to distinguish between the instruments. Bass is decent and the 10mm drivers produce sufficient of it. But, don't expect a punchy bass.

The pair does a good job with noise isolation though, and you won't hear any outside noises at maximum levels. This makes it a suitable for outdoor activities like gym, sports, and others.

I also tested the pair with streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime and got a decent output. Vocals are clear, but you can hear the muffled audio at peak levels. To sum it up, the DBE008 delivers average on audio but is loud and blocks outside noise passively quite well.

Connectivity And Calling

Connectivity And Calling

The neckband comes with Bluetooth connectivity option and is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Pairing processor is similar to the other wireless headphones.

You need to press and hold the power key for a few seconds to switch on the pairing mode and select ‘DBE008' from the Bluetooth settings menu.

The earphones support A2DP/AVCR technology which is a standard Bluetooth profile for stereo headphones. It has a standard 10m connectivity range beyond which you will experience connectivity issues.

The wireless neckband comes with an inbuilt microphone for answering calls on-the-go. As for the quality, I didn't find any issues with the same. There were no hiccups or statics in the audio while calling.

Decent Backup But Slow Charging Time

Decent Backup But Slow Charging Time

The Digitek DBE008 is claimed to give a backup of around 7 hours with a single charge. The battery specifications are unspecified and a standard microUSB 2.0 port is used for refuels.

In our usage, we found it to be close to that (over 5 hours backup). Notably, this is when you play music at 70- 80 percent levels. If the audio is being played at peak levels, expect a lesser backup.

It takes around two hours to charge the unit completely (with zero percent battery). Personally, a lesser charging duration would have been much appreciated.

Is It Worth A Buy?

Is It Worth A Buy?

It comes as no surprise that a major chunk of the Indian audience is drawn towards the affordable segment. Be it smartphones, tablets, laptops or their accessories. And, the budget consumer electronics segment is the one which is not only crowded but growing exponentially.

Catering to the needs of Indian masses, several brands have started their ventures in this segment. Audio products market is no different.

With multiple brands coming up with their iteration of budget headphones and speakers, the competition is getting stiffer day by day.

Digitek is a well-known name in the smartphone accessories market and the new "DB" audio series is designed for the affordable segment.

The DB008 is a decent wireless neckband which you can use for regular commute and outdoor activities, thanks to its durable build quality.

But, if audio is your priority and a good listening experience with punchy bass is what you seek then you should check out other options before finalizing a deal.

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