Energy Sistem Audio Products Review: Budget category audio products with surprisingly loud and clear

Energy Sistem, a Spanish audio accessories brand has recently announced its latest range of audio products. The newly launched products contain both wired and wireless audio accessories.

    Most of us would agree to the fact that music keeps us going, so does a good pair of headphones and earphones. The market today is flooded with n number of options for a user to choose from. From wired earphones and speakers to wireless headphones and speakers, the market has it all. One just does not need any reason to listen to his/her favourite music track or exploring some. However, music is incomplete without the right instrument on which it is being played on be it any audio accessory or musical instruments, you just need a perfect device to hit the right spot and jingle those bells in your mind. We are going to review three of such new audio products that were launched recently in the Indian market from a new brand.

    Energy Sistem Audio Products Review


    Energy Sistem, a Spanish audio accessories company has recently announced its latest range of audio products. The newly launched products contain both wired and wireless audio accessories. Energy Sistem will be collaborating with Alchemie Commerce for the distribution and sales of its products in India. Alchemie commerce, on the other hand, is a multi-brand sales and distribution organization, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. That said about the companies, in this article we are going to give you a detailed review of three audio products from Energy Sistem which we got to test for a while. We used Energy Music Box B2 Bluetooth speaker, Energy Sistem Headphones 1 and Ceramic 5 wired earphones. Let's find out more about them in the following review.


    Energy Sistem Headphones 1

    Energy Sistem Headphones 1 is a Bluetooth headphone which is available in red, blue, white and graphite colour options. I got to use the blue coloured headphone, which can easily catch your attention. The headphones are entirely made out of plastic; which justifies the price-point.

    The ear cushions are made up of synthetic leather, which is soft so you don't feel much pressure while wearing it for long hours. The rubber strip under the headband is made up of the rubber which the company and also used on certain parts of the Music Box B2. The design, however, is not as comfortable as the Mivi Saxo budget headphones, which I used for some time. Even though both of the headphones are lightweight, the Mivi Saxo has somehow slightly managed to up the scale in design department; however, you have to spend an extra Rs. 700 for the Mivi Saxo headphones. You can read the detailed review of Mivi Saxo by clicking on this link.

    That said the overall job done by the company is good and the headphones might please some of the audio enthusiasts out there.

    Energy Sistem Music Box B2 Bluetooth speakers:

    The Energy Sistem Music Box B2 has the old school speaker design which is a rectangular box type and is carved out of plastic except for the top and bottom, which unlike its body is made out of rubber. The rubber used seems to be of good quality. The first thing that will grab your attention while you hold the device is its buttons. The buttons are pouted up and are easily distinguishable.

    The speakers and a subwoofer are quite noticeable under the grill. The rear of the speakers houses the microUSB charging slot along with the AUX-in port which is tightly packed inside a rubber casing, which in my opinion is a good job done by its manufacturers. The top of the speaker as mentioned earlier consists of keys emerging outwards include volume down, volume up, restart, Play/pause, fast backwards and fast forward. The design of the speakers is quite sturdy and is also lightweight and portable, which again adds to its positive aspects.

    Energy Sistem Ceramic 5 wired earphones:

    The Energy Sistem Ceramic 5 does grab one's attention when held in hand or even the look of it is not at all deceiving. The first thing that you will notice is the flattened cable design. The cable is completely made out of flattened rubber and the earphones come with a MIC. The buttons could also be used for changing tracks while listening to music. Moreover, the wires are also tangle free, which is indeed a relief.

    The ear tips fit perfectly in the ear and are wearable for a longer duration of time. The earphones come with a small carry case with two extra pairs of ear tips. The Ceramic 5 maintains the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and can be connected with smartphones, iPods and other devices. I also liked the rotatable adjustable headband which unlike Mivi Saxo stays intact unless you unlock and fold the ear cup.


    Features and Specifications:

    Energy Sistem Headphones 1:

    Energy Sistem Headphones 1runs on Bluetooth version 4.2 and have a connectivity range of 10 m. The Bluetooth Headphones is packed with a 300 mAh battery. It takes around 1.5- 2 hours for the device to get charged completely and the speakers lasted for good 6 - 7 hours with the volume at 60 percent.



    Energy Sistem Music Box B2 Bluetooth speakers:

    The Music Box comes with two 3 Watts stereo speakers along with a front diaphragm runs on Bluetooth version v4.0 class II. The speakers have a connectivity range of up to 10 m. The Music Box B2 has a frequency range of 80Hz~ 20 KHz. Talking about the battery the speakers come with a 800 mAh lithium polymer battery which requires nominal 3.7 DC voltage. As mentioned earlier the device comes with a microUSB charging slot.

    Energy Sistem Ceramic 5 wired earphones:

    The energy Sistem Ceramic 5 wired earphones features 8mm Neodymium magnets with16 impedance ohms. The device comes with a wide frequency range of 20 Hz~ 2o KHz frequency response which makes the audio output quite loud.


    Energy Sistem Bluetooth Headphones 1:

    These wireless headphones produce a little more treble as compared to the bass. I found the device to be more of acoustic rather than being a boom box. The device, however, is not that bad it just lacks the right amount of bass, so if you love your headphones to give you a thumping bass then this might not be the right device for you. 

    The headphones are comfortable to wear for a longer period and due to its lightweight design. The ear cushions are also soft making it apt for prolonged usage. 


    Music Box B2 Bluetooth speakers:

    We have seen what all the device packs in terms of features and specifications, keeping that aside I would say that the device could have sounded a bit louder. The reason why I am saying this is because I have used another product which also had a total of 6 W output and they sounded a bit louder and packed that extra punch when it comes to bass. Well, I am not saying that these speakers are not loud; I am simply conveying the fact that it could have been a bit louder and could have packed that extra bass, however no hard feelings and this device does sound well while playing a wide genre of songs. Well then again you cannot expect a boom box out of these portable audio speakers.

    Ceramic 5

    Now, this earpiece took me by surprise, as the performance of the earphones is really commendable. We have seen the technical specifications of the earphone above which indicates that this device is not only packed with a powerful set of features and specifications but also performs true to its words. The earphones are clear and loud and you can easily figure out the instruments being played in a song. The earphones produce a good quality of punchy bass and do not fail to impress either by looks or sound. I played a wide genre of songs including metal, dub. Techno etc and the way every song sounded really did impress me.

    Pricing and availability:

    The Energy Sistem Music Box B2 will be sold at a best buy price of Rs. 2,099 and is available in black, coral and red colour. The products are Flipkart exclusive, and will also be available at all major retail outlets in India.

    The Energy Sistem Ceramic 5 will be sold at a best buy price of Rs 1,799 and like the Music Box B2 it will also be available exclusively at Flipkart and also be available at
    all the major retail stores.

    The Energy Sistem Headphones Bluetooth 1 will be sold at a best buy price of Rs 2,299 and like the other two Energy Sistem products this device will also be available exclusively on Flipkart along with the major retail stores.



    The Energy Sistem Music box is light weight and sturdy, however when it comes to audio performance the only thing the device lacks is volume. If the device would have been a bit louder, it would have done the trick and could have given a tough time to its rival.

    The Energy Sistem Ceramic 5 is a pair of loud earphones with punchy base and balanced treble. The tangle free design and the carry case makes it portable, and like I said earlier it's easier to just keep them around and forget about it. That said this earphones a good option for the music enthusiasts who are looking a budget category earphone with MIC and also love loud bass at the same time.

    The Headphones 1 on the other hand gives a soothing audio experience. The audio produced by the Headphones 1 is balanced, so if you are looking for a budget category wireless headphone that produces loud sound output and has balanced bass and treble then you can consider going with this device. The foldable design adds to the positive aspects of the Headphones 1 which makes it easy to carry around the device.


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