Sony WF-LS900N Review: Premium Earbuds Worth Betting On

Sony WF-LS900N Review


Sony has been steadily expanding its audio accessories in the Indian market. One of the latest launches is the Sony WF-LS900N earbuds that join the LinkBuds S segment. The newly announced earbuds from Sony feature active noise cancellation (ANC) support, Hi-Res audio, and much more. The new earbuds are priced at ₹16,990, making them a tad bit expensive.


I've been using the new Sony WF-LS900N earbuds for a while now, experiencing all features it has to offer. For instance, the Hi-Res audio support and the "Never Off" functionality make it a device worth considering. Here's a detailed review of the new Sony earbuds to make your purchase decision easier.

Sony WF-LS900N Earbuds Design Review: Comfortable For Long Hours

One of the first things that one experiences with the Sony WF-LS900N is comfort. I've used quite a few TWS earbuds and other audio accessories. But the new Sony earbuds seem to be the most comfortable of the lot. They snugly fit into your ears, and one can use them without the fear of them falling off.

Sony WF-LS900N Review

Moreover, these are lightweight earbuds and don't cause ear fatigue when used for long hours. The lightweight build extends to the battery case of the Sony WF-LS900N earbuds. The compact design of the case can easily tuck into tiny pockets too.

Like most other Sony audio accessories, the new Sony WF-LS900N earbuds also require a dedicated app to connect with the smartphone. Most other earbuds available in the market can seamlessly link with your smartphone or another device with just a simple Bluetooth connection.

Sony WF-LS900N Review

If you're running low on storage on your smartphone, this might be bit of a problem. That said, the dedicated Sony app helps you with the settings and overall functionality of the earbuds.

Sony WF-LS900N Earbuds Performance Review: Rich & Premium

The Sony WF-LS900N earbuds pack in premium features like noise-canceling and high-resolution audio. You can also connect multiple devices with earbuds, which makes them an ideal gadget for today's workforce. The immersive audio experience on the Sony WF-LS900N is something I really enjoyed.

Sony WF-LS900N Review

It gets even better with Sony's ambient sound concept, allowing you to be present both offline and online. The Sony Ambient Sound Control technology allows you to listen to the audio playback without a touch of the outside world. At the same time, it automatically adjusts the volume when you enter a busy room.


This is one of the best features of the Sony WF-LS900N earbuds, which can seamlessly adapt to the environment. Additionally, the clear calling on the earbuds makes things better. I used the earbuds to make a couple of calls, and all of them were smooth and crystal clear. All these features further enhance the overall experience.

Sony WF-LS900N Review

Sony WF-LS900N Battery Performance: Powerful & Long-Lasting

Another important factor of the Sony WF-LS900N earbuds is the improved battery life. Sony has improved the fast charging support on the earbuds, providing about an hour's playback time with just 5 minutes of charge. I found this to be accurate and very handy.

The Sony WF-LS900N earbuds can last for long hours with the charging case. The brand claims that the full-charged earbuds will last for six hours at a stretch, giving users a day's worth of calls/playback time. Plus, users get 20 hours of fuel with the charging case.

Sony WF-LS900N Review

Sony WF-LS900N Earbuds Verdict: A Handy Pair Worth Investing In

I found the battery on the Sony WF-LS900N earbuds to be quite impressive, especially with features like ANC and ambient sound technology. Simply put, the new Sony earbuds are a complete package, giving you the best of all worlds! Whether it's the size and comfort or the premium features.

Sony WF-LS900N Review

Of course, it's a tad bit expensive like most other Sony products. But if you're looking for an audio accessory for playback or even to make calls, these Sony WF-LS900N earbuds make a good deal. Today, the market has earbuds for less than ₹5,000. But the assurance of Sony quality and a long-lasting product makes these Sony earbuds a worthy investment.

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