Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite TWS Earbuds Review: Premium Looks And Ample Features


Wireless earbuds or TWS earbuds are a rage now and everyone wants to use one as these are quite comfortable to use without the bothering cables. However, it is important to select the best option available as you will be spoilt for choice with the numerous brands out there. Now, Truke, which is known for launching gamer-focused TWS earbuds has launched two wireless earbuds - BTG 3 and AirBuds Lite.



Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite TWS Earbuds Review

Priced at Rs. 1,399, both the Truke TWS earbuds have similar features but different designs and cater to two different consumer segments. These products are available on the online retailers Flipkart and Amazon. If you want to buy any of these earbuds, then you can take a look at the review below to know their functionalities.

Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite Design

Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite Design

The Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite TWS earbuds are different only in terms of design and looks. Both these products have a striking design. While the BTG 3 features a pebble-like case, the AirBuds Lite has a more rounded design. The former features a funkier design resembling Spiderman and is aimed at gamers while the latter has a toned-down matte finish. Apart from this change, both these TWS earbuds have a high-quality plastic build. The lid offers a satisfying each time you open and close it.

As we dive into the earbuds, the Truke BTG 3 and AirBuds Lite earbuds offer a standard design with a 45-degree angle for a better fit in the ears. Also, there is a short stem for an impressive fit and look. However, the big truke branding on the stem is a little annoying to see. These earbuds are quite lightweight measuring 42.7 grams and 46.4 grams respectively along with the charging case.

What's more interesting is that the Truke BTG 3 and AirBuds Lite feature an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, thereby letting you use these pairs of TWS earbuds even for workout sessions. Despite the lost cost of these earbuds, there is a USB Type-C port to charge these earbuds.

The unique aspect of the BTG 3 TWS earbuds is the Spiderman-like design, which shows two eyes with LED indicators that glow in different colors, thereby giving a good sporty look.

I used these earbuds continuously for over four to five hours and liked the fact that I didn't have to adjust the earbuds at all. Also, there wasn't a moment that I felt uncomfortable with these earbuds.

The touch controls for play and pause work without a glitch but there is no option to adjust the volume via the earbuds, which is a downside. Also, the in-ear detection works great and you can activate it by tapping thrice on the left earbud. There is a High-Precision Contact Sensor that detects the wearing status of the device and automatically plays the music once the buds are on the ears. To summarize, the Truke BTG 3 and Truke AirBuds Lite earbuds look great when worn and are also nice to feel and hold with a superior build and quality.

Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite Pairing Process

Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite Pairing Process

When it comes to the pairing process, the Truke BTG 3 and AirBuds Lite TWS earbuds that I reviewed are simple and easy to pair. The interesting aspect is that once you pull out the earbuds from the case, it will be turned on and putting it back will shut down the earbuds. The pairing is done via Bluetooth 5.1 and it ensures that there is a strong and reliable connection between the smartphone and the earbuds. Even the range is good and I could hear the audio almost clearly without much distortion while the paired phone was placed in another floor in my home.

Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite Performance

Truke BTG 3, AirBuds Lite Performance

The Truke BTG 3 and AirBuds Lite TWS earbuds deliver appealing audio performance with the 10mm audio driver. These earbuds support low latency of 55ms and produce loud audio output. The volume levels are too loud that even 30% of the volume was sufficient to some extent. There is AI-powered Deep Neural Network Call Noise Cancellation technology, which ensures improved noise cancellation.

The music playback and movies watching experience were impressive. There was punchy bass with deep and rich sound quality. However, the call quality was not too impressive and it could have been relatively better. I found it tough to use these earbuds outdoors for calling purposes.

As there is low latency, the AirBuds Lite and BTG 3 offer a best-in-class gaming experience with a specialized gaming mode. Also, these are super-charged with Empirical Technology that promises 2x energy efficiency, 2x transmission speed, and 1.8x reliable connection.

In terms of battery life, both the latest Truke BTG are touted to deliver a long-lasting battery life of 10 hours. With volume levels set at 50%, these buds lasted around 8 hours on a single charge and almost 40 hours with the case. Talking about the charging time, these earbuds can be fully charged in around two hours.

Should You Buy?

Should You Buy?

Priced at Rs. 1,399, the Truke BTG 3 and AirBuds Lite TWS earbuds are decent offerings in the market. These earbuds offer punchy bass and AI-powered noise cancellation, except for outdoors. As there are many impressive features, if you decide to buy one of these TWS earbuds, then you can choose one based on the looks you prefer. If you want a sporty look, then you can buy the BTG 3 while the other one will be a simple and minimalist pair of TWS earbuds.

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