Ubon SP-40 Portable Speaker Review: Innovative Approach But Half-Baked Execution


India isn't just an emerging market for smartphones but also audio devices and other digital accessories. And homegrown brands are competing tough with Chinese companies who are dominating the budget market.


Ubon SP-40 Portable Speaker Review


Ubon is one of those Indian lifestyle brands which is consistent with audio and other accessories. One of the latest Bluetooth speakers by the company is SP-40 which undeniably has one of the most intriguing designs. The SP-40 is a portable Bluetooth speaker which can double up as a flashlight and also be solar-charged.

This isn't something common amongst the affordable or premium mid-range smart speakers nowadays. The speaker is priced at Rs. 999 and can be purchased via online retail stores in India. But how well this non-orthodox design is implemented and is it worth an investment? We got to use this speaker for a while and have tested all the aspects. Whether or not it's worth an investment, we are breaking it down for you.

Ubon SP-40 Bluetooth Speaker Design: Outdoor-Inspired But Not Weather Proof

Ubon SP-40 Bluetooth Speaker Design: Outdoor-Inspired But Not Weather Proof

As mentioned earlier, the Ubon SP-40 Bluetooth speaker features an unconventional design with integrated dual flashlights and a solar charging panel on the top.

This design is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping where you might not have access to electricity for a quick battery refuel. The dual flashlights also come in handy in such scenarios.

The flashlights aren't super bright but should work in emergencies. The missing IP certification and average built quality are the shortcomings making it a bit unfit for adventure junkies. The speaker itself is bulky and not easily portable. In our opinion, it is best used as a table speaker rather than outdoors.

Ubon SP-40 Speaker Audio Performance

Ubon SP-40 Speaker Audio Performance

The Ubon SP-40 packs 40mm drivers that deliver a frequency range of 20Hz- 20KHz. The audio is loud and you'll find it stereophonic with the missing bass. Clearly, it's all the treble and mids that overpowers the bass.

In fact, the output is flat with all genres of music. The audio lacks clarity and rather sounds shrill when you turn up the levels. Speaking of which, the loudness levels are high enough for a mid-sized room.

The SP-40 Bluetooth speaker isn't the best treat for audiophiles. Investing your money won't be worth it if good audio performance is your preference.

Ubon SP-40 Speaker Review: Battery And Connectivity

Ubon SP-40 Speaker Review: Battery And Connectivity

The Ubon SP-40 speaker comes with multiple connectivity ports and options. It offers a USB port, a microSD card reader, one microUSB port for charging.

The speaker supports Bluetooth v5.0 for wireless connectivity and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops/ PCs. There aren't any issues with the connectivity or pairing. The range is standard at 10m.

The Ubon SP-40 is equipped with a 1,200 mAh battery. The backup is lower than expected. The speaker once full charged can deliver up to 3 hours of backup. 

This backup is lower than what the competition offers. The solar charger isn't super fast either. It takes more than two hours to get over half the charge.

Ubon SP-40 Verdict: Could Have Been Better?

Ubon SP-40 Verdict: Could Have Been Better?

The Ubon SP-40's USP is the unorthodox design featuring dual flashlights and solar charging would have made it one of the best budget speakers.

However, in a bid to make it cost-effective, the company has compromised with the built as well as the audio quality. We expect Ubon to bring an improved model where the focus doesn't just remain on the design but audio quality as well.

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