WhatsApp For Jio Phone To Get Status Feature

Jio Phone, the smart feature phone that has been selling well in India is all set to get a new feature. Well, the Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 support apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. While the second-generation phone came pre-loaded with WhatsApp, the original model that was launched in 2018 received it later.

Now, several months after its launch for the KaiOS-based device, it looks like WhatsApp for JioPhone will get the Status feature. It is touted to be at the "Gold Master" stage hinting that it is ready to be rolled out. The Status feature on WhatsApp for Jio Phone was revealed by Joe Grinstead, software engineer lead for WhatsApp on KaiOS in an interview with Android Central.

WhatsApp Status Support For Jio Phone

Though the Status feature on WhatsApp for Jio Phone is one of the highly anticipated ones, it is yet to be revealed when we can expect the same to be rolled out. It is a major change for the Jio Phone users as the app is designed as a minimum viable product.

Furthermore, he insisted that voice calling support that is available on WhatsApp for Android since early 2015 is yet to be rolled out to the Jio Phone units. He explained that providing support for voice calls on the device running KaiOS is challenging. And, it remains to be seen when the same will be rolled out to the Jio Phone units.

How To Download WhatsApp On Jio Phone

If you use Jio Phone, then you can download your favorite apps including WhatsApp by visiting the Jio Store. Notably, Jio Phone devices require a tweaked version of WhatsApp offering only a basic and simple interface for the users. WhatsApp for Jio Phone shows only the chat list and a search bar at the top, which lets them to look for contacts and groups. Also, there will be basic features of WhatsApp such as audio recordings, videos, pictures, and documents within a chat window.

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