10 iconic smartphones which Tech World will always be proud of

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One of the most used and the abused gadget on the planet is undoubtedly the smartphones. It helps us in day to day life for almost everything and without it, we will be lost. The evolution of the smartphone is huge from what so-called simple communication device to a mini-computer with raw processing power. Today, in this article, we have listed out the 10 iconic smartphones that made the tech world proud of.

Motorola DynaTAC, 1984

The trend of mobile phones started with Motorola DynaTAC which was launched in 1984. Unlike modern phones, it took around 10 hours to charge, where it lasted for 30 minutes of talk-time, can store 30 numbers and cost $4,000 at the time.

Motorola StarTAC, 1996

This was the first ever clamshell phone named as the StarTAC for a price tag of $1,000. It was a 2G phone with a monochrome graphic display of 4x15 character resolution. It also had mono-ringtones, vibration alerts, and a 500mAh battery.

Nokia Communicator, 1996

Nokia managed to pull off its first smartphone which was ahead of its time. It has 8MB of storage out of which 4MB is accessible to user and sports a clamshell design with screen and keyboard. At that time, it was capable of browsing the web, sending email, managing your personal information.

Nokia 3310

The ever-famous Nokia 3310 was the benchmark of all phones till now for its build quality. With this mobile, Nokia introduced Xpress-On covers and a silent vibrate mode. It had the capability of combining three SMS messages into one long text message.

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Nokia 1100

The most popular feature phone right next to Nokia 3310. This phone is still in use by some people all over the world and charges it once in every 20 days. It was known for its toughness and could hold 50 text messages.

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Treo 180

Popularly called as Palm Treo, this smartphone is based on PalmOS with a flip-phone form factor and a resistive, monochrome touchscreen.

Motorola Razr

We all remember the craze we had for this phone. The Razr from Motorola turned mobiles as a big gadget to a fashion accessory. It was thinner for its time than any other that came before it. It also had a miniUSB port for charging and music.


The inception of iPhone started here and the rest is history. This was the first phone to not to use the stylus and used capacitive touchscreens instead. The iPhone took the mobile segment to technological heights, setting the ground rules for the third-age of the smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung known for innovation launched a specific series of mobile just as a mini-computer for all rounding works. It pushed the boundaries of the mobiles making it look complete with iris scanning, curved screen, waterproofing and even a stylus. But it all started with Galaxy Note with a 5.3-inch touchscreen and a stylus.


This is the first smartphone to bring in the 18:9 aspect ratio display, which can be seen everywhere in all the mobiles. This aspect ratio gave scope to more screen-to-body ratio with minimum bezels making it more futuristic in looks and operations.

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