5 Insane Google Tips and Tricks That You Absolutely Need To Know

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Google is a religion. Sure it's the top choice among search engines around the web for users, but the kind of massive use the site sees almost everyday is quite amazing. No wonder, all you questions have only one answer: Google.

But while Google's reputation is built on the fact that site is the perfect go to for any query you might have, there are also other services that the site offers that we end up using on a day to day basis. We are, of course, talking about services such as Gmail, Google Plus, Google Translator and more.

5 Insane Google Tips and Tricks That You Absolutely Need To Know

But sticking currently to the search aspect of the same, Google has actually soared way ahead of others such as Yahoo in terms of usability.

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And with more and more new innovations introduced for the search engine (like changing algorithms) almost everyday, it looks for certain that it will quite hard to topple Google from where it currently stands.

But while Google really doesn't need a second introduction, the search site is more than just finding your queries and presenting them. In fact, you have the option to further refine your searches and get what you exactly want from it. And there are a host of hidden things to know about Google.

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Here's a look at the top 5 tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while surfing Google next time.

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Google Tips and Tricks: Concise Definitions At Your Fingertips

There are a lot of words in the English language that we don't know about, and often find ourselves searching for their meaning and definitions on Google. However, to make you life a bit easier, the define: operator (for example, define:home) will give you definitions. In fact, this option gives you the dictionary meaning of a word.

Google Tips and Tricks: Location Speific Search

We are always looking ahead to Google for finding the best eateries in town. And hence we make use of Google by filling a generic term to get our queries answered. But you could also be more specific by entering the post code for the same after the query. For example: Tibetan Thukpa 560011 will show you all the Tibetan eateries around Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Google Tips and Tricks: Finding the 'Hidden' Sites

Did you know that Google's cache keeps copies of sites it's looked at? This means that if they're down you can still see them by using the cache: operator. So for example, typing cache:gizbot.com will display all Gizbot contents if our server was down for some reason.

Google Tips and Tricks: Speak Up!

If you're using Chrome, either of the Android or the Google iOS app, you also have the option to search by voice. Just press or click on the microphone icon and tell Google what you're looking for.

Google Tips and Tricks: The Whole Linking Business

It's actually quite easy to discover who's linking or has been linked to your site, or to any other page you want to know about. You could use the link: operator to find out more. Type link:gizbot.com to find out who has linked to us.

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