Adaptxt Keyboard -- Tablet App: Hands On Review

By: Anuj Bhatia

Typing on a tablet device is quite a tedious job. They say no one can still replace the charm of a physical keyboard. To find the answer, GizBot did a review of Adaptxt Tablet - Keyboard: the first keyboard device that could change your mind about virtual keyboard for ever.

When you buy a tablet device, the first thing you ask from a sales person is "Can I type of this device." Well, every Android tablet device has a built in virtual keyboard. Why to use Adaptxt Tablet - Keyboard for an Android device? You can find the answer in our detailed review. By the way, the app is available for free on Google Play store. Let's dig into the feature.

Everyone loves to type on their beloved tablet. To test out the app in a logical manner, it is necessary to have Notepad installed on your device. There are plenty of free notepad apps on the Play Store. Installing Adaptxt Tablet- Keyboard on your tablet device is not a rocket science.

After installation the first thing you need to do is to select the language. There are hundreds of local and international languages to choose from. From Nepali to Gujrati to Italian, the app offers such diverse collection of languages. Going for English (U.K) language was our first choice.

To check out more about the app, it is always better to first hit settings section. Under settings you will find lot of options such as personal suggestions, themes and layouts and keyboard customizations among others.

The app learns on its own either by personal dictionaries, shortcuts, contacts, messages or by social network. You can always remove built in social network features. Interestingly, the app supports industry specific dictionary as well.

If you are associated with an IT-Telecom sector then paying $0.99 is not a bad idea. The app comes handy when one has to customize look of the built in keyboard. You can choose either Blue theme or Bright theme or standard dark theme. When it comes to layout; the app offers two options: Layout for Portrait mode - Choose Full Keyboard or Split Keyboard, Layout for Landscape mode: Full keyboard or Split keyboard.

The app also offers Keyboard customization, but it comes at an added cost. Wish, the makers behind this app should have come out with least one free feature. Another highlight of the Adaptxt Tablet: Keyboard is its ability to auto correct texts. You can always change the mode from high-to-medium-to-low, as per your wish. Another stellar feature called ‘Auto Capitalization' enhances the experience. Basically, it automatically capitalizes noun at the beginning of each sentence.

Now the real test .....

Going for a Split type keyboard was an obvious one as our tablet device flaunts 7-inch display. Split keyboard layout is quite likable, and it's comfortable to type also. The best part of using Split type keyboard is that you will never realize that you have been typing on a virtual keyboard until now.

The experience was just fabulous, and it reminded of a physical QWERTY-Keyboard. As mentioned above, the keyboard app learns on its own. For instance - " The next big project "was typed to check whether keyboard learns on its own or not.

Instantly, words closer to ‘project' appeared. It was a satisfactory experience to use Adaptxt Tablet- Keyboard. The app passes successfully in our test at least, now it's time for you to try. Did you like this review on Adaptxt Tablet- Keyboard? Share your views with us via Facebook. Stay tuned to GizBot.


  • Split type Keyboard
  • Learning ability
  • Local language support
  • Cons
  • Keyboard customization (to be purchased separately)

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

adaptxt keyboard app

adaptxt keyboard app

adaptxt keyboard app

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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