Android 5.0 Lollipop Now Official: 5 Unheard Features You Should Know

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If not anything else, Google and Apple goes hand in hand with updating their own operating systems from time to time. Each year sees a new version of the platform being pushed out to users, and 2014 hasn't been any different.

Fresh with the popularity generated over the last Android KitKat, Google has now officially taken the wraps off the new Android 5.0 Lollipop. And if you know, Google also claims that it's one of the biggest revamps of its mobile OS ever.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Now Official: 5 Unheard Features You Should Know

While a host of devices of are currently set to receive the new update, everyone is thrilled about the features that it's bringing in. However, while there is a lot to play around with, there are a few hidden things as well that are easy to overlook.

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So here's a look at the top 5 hidden features of the new Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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The Kill Switch

In case you didn't know about this one, the new Lollipop update will offer a "kill switch." This will allow you to disable the device when it is stolen. The groundwork for this, of course, was laid down via a recent California law that made it mandatory for all smartphones to have it at the start of next summer. The Kill switch will help you wipe your information when your phone has been lost or nabbed.

Flexible User Profiles

Not most of us are comfortable when friends pick up our phones and start surfing through our text messages. Sure, downloading an app locker is a way to protect yourself. But with the new Android, it becomes almost self driven. This time, you can just switch profiles to diminish that risk.

Less Battery Consumption

Android has gone from smart to smarter. And the new Lollipop update is a burning example of that. It even keeps a tab on how much battery has been consumed by the device. And so when you are running low on juice, Lollipop will automatically direct the CPU to reduce its load and brightness that will help conserve the device's battery life.

Mega Support

Lollipop has a noticeable upper-hand in comparison to its predecessors. The updated OS has been designed such that it can be implemented much more easily on almost all Android devices. That is, as long as there is at least 512 MB of memory to spare. Google has worked on the update to remove fragmentation as much as possible, and doesn't really require you to buy the latest handsets to enjoy the platform.

Hidden Easter Egg

Do you remember Flappy Bird? The previously released (and later taken down) uber-addictive game? Well, the Android team has included a game similar to Flappy Bird as an "Easter egg" like they did with previous versions of Android. Your job is to get the Android character through obstacles made out of colorful lollipops.

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