5 Simple Steps to Install Android L Theme On Your Smartphone [How To]

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Google's recent I/O conference brought about a host of new announcements from the company. And while most of the announcements were regarding the future of Google and what it plans to offer, most of the highlight came with the announcement of the next generation of Android.

With the I/O kicking off among a lot of expectations this year, we have been introduced to new and refurbished Chromebook features, alongside a host of new smartwatches from Samsung and LG.

 5 Simple Steps to Install Android L Theme On Your Smartphone [How To]

But it needs to be said that the biggest news of them all is the arrival and announcement of the upcoming Android L. And needless to say, this is the next version of Android that's already setting up to be the next big thing from Google.

Although not the previously touted Android 5, but it seems like Android L is the next generation of Android (at least for the time being). With the arrival of "L," a host of new changes were also brought to the front. In fact, according to Sundar Pichai, head of Android, it is set to be one of the biggest Android updates to date.

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Moreover, the Android L is set to offer a revamped new design with 5000 new APIs. And while it is already available for developer preview, the "L" will be contextually aware of its surrounding, with voice being a major source of input.

But while the real deal is yet to be officially unveiled by the company, it seems like the popular treasure trove of the XDA Developers are already boasting Android L-inspired themes for smartphones.

You can grab the theme, which requires Android 4.0 and up, at the source link that leads to the XDA official page for the theme.

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So what do you need to do to get it on your own Android device? Will it mess up the internal OS, or will it rise above others? We take a closer look.

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Android L Theme: Home Screen


We are yet to find out what's real and what's fake in the upcoming Android offering. However, by the early looks of it, it seems like Google will indeed prefer keeping the basics similar for all its new age Android OS offerings.

Android L Theme: Using Xposed Installer


As it seems, the new theme has been made possible with the likes of Xposed Installer. Xposed allows you manage the overall framework, required for any modules to work. And while the framework itself doesn't add any real functionality, modules will be present to get the job done.

Android L Theme: Still Requires Work


As with any beta release, it is to be noted that the theme isn't complete as of now. However, it is just a theme that gives you a slight preview of what could be on offer in the upcoming days.

Android L Theme: Setting Panel


Not many changes made to the settings panel in this respect. And that's anyway expected considering the fact that changes made to the overall smartphone experience is the one that's required. And if that means the settings panel is kept at bay, so be it.

Android L Theme: On An Overall


Taking all the screenshots into consideration, it has to be said that the developers have done a decent job of offering a preview version of the upcoming operating system in the form of a new theme. And while it still needs to be seen as to how similar the real one will be to this, but we are guessing that the XDA guys aren't far away.

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