Android Lollipop Rollout Starts Officially: 5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Handset

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Google's Android operating system, needless to say, is one of the most popular mobile-based platforms on the planet. The company has made it one of the most affordable and sought after OSs in the mobile platform history. And the treat gets even bigger with the release of the brand new Android Lollipop operating system.

The new Android L is quite the refresh over the previously released Android KitKat operating system. The new and updated platform brings a host of features and new additions that will be integral to new-age handsets.

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However, the biggest news today is the start of the official rollout of this new platform on all handsets Android. And, as you may expect, the craze will see a lot of people checking their systems every once in a while. But why should you upgrade to the new OS?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be upgrading your handset to the new Android Lollipop.

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Wake Up with Double Tap

This is one of those additions that we last saw on some of the new age LG handsets. While the option to tap and wake your handset remained an integral part of these new handsets, this time around, Google has made sure everyone gets a piece of it. Although, it does require compatible hardware to perform the same.

Priority Mode

Google's new "Priority Mode" addition to the Android Lollipop remains as one of the top additions in the new platform. While the new feature may seem a bit like the iOS-based "Do Not Disturb" feature, but this one is of more advanced sorts. This mode makes sure you are not disturbed by an app. You can even set a timer for the handset to bring back its normal settings.

OK Google

While we have all known and understood the OK Google feature that requires you to speak out commands to your handset, Google makes sure to raise the bar with the release of the brand new Lollipop. This time around, even if your phone is on standby mode, you can still speak to it to wake it up.

Improvised Quick Settings

Google has made as many alterations as possible to Lollipop, and most of them are meant to make life a bit easier for the user. One such upgrade is the further re-organization of the Quick Settings. It's much easier to figure out the entire thing now. Even the volume key has buttons for the various Priority Notification modes.

Material Design

Obviously, a lot will be determined owing to the looks and feel of the entire handset. And hence the new material design of the Android L will serve its purpose well. It's a complete re-design of sorts and offers a handset a crisp look, to say the least. Plus, with the dynamically-created color overlay of the OS, things seem even more exciting

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