Android Lollipop Vs Android KitKat: 5 New Changes Worth Mentioning

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In case you have been living under a rock, Google has already confirmed that the company will start pushing out the next big iteration of its Android operating system, Android Lollipop, starting November 3.

The Android L is quite the refresh over the previously released Android KitKat operating system. The new and updated platform brings a plethora of features and new additions that will be integral to new-age handsets.

Android Lollipop Vs Android KitKat: 5 New Changes Worth Mentioning

But while the new OS is a rather exciting news, you must be wondering as to what kind of changes we might get to see that will be different from the KitKat predecessor. Hence, here are the 5 new changes that the Lollipop will see from the KitKat.

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Design and Development

The biggest news, in terms of the changes brought in for the new operating system, is in its designing. Google has adopted an entirely refreshed look for the new Android L, and dubbed it as "Material." While you will still be treated to the kind of flatness that you previously say for KitKat, but this time it arrives with more realism and exciting animation, apart from real-time shadows to give its interface more depth. Even the soft buttons have been re-done.

Notification System

Android's notification system never really garnered much criticism, and this time Google is adding even more to it. The point here to be mentioned is the fact that notifications are being integrated into the lock screen. That's something similar to lock screen widgets. But that you will notice if you have ever rooted your handset.

Improved Battery Life

Have you heard of Google's Project Volta? This is a system which will provide developers with improved ways of determining what elements inside the apps are draining battery unnecessarily. And since Volta has the ability to strip down the battery usage for each app, developers can expect to play around with their codes to make apps more efficient. There's also a battery saving mode by default.

Improved Security

Google intends to make the new Android as safe as possible by utilizing Android Wear and the user's current location. While some may say that improved security will only be possible if you have a smartwatch in the first instance, Google indeed plans to use your smartwatch as an authentication tool that could automatically bypass your phone's passcode. As far as location-based security is concerned, you can designate safe zones where your phone will switch off your lock code.

The Kill Switch

The new Lollipop OS will be offering a "kill switch." This will allow you to disable the device when it is stolen. The Kill switch's groundwork was laid down via a recent California law that made it mandatory for all smartphones to have it at the start of next summer. The Kill switch will help you wipe your information when your phone has been lost or nabbed.

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