Angry Birds Space and Star Wars Hit Windows Phone 7

By: Gizbot Bureau

Rovio's Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star War games were the much talked about attractions in android devices. They were once available only for the Android and iOS platforms. The Windows Phone 8 platform was the first among the windows series seen to have the Angry Birds games. However, the games were released in all the listed devices at the same time.

Though the company kept users waiting for over a month, it has finally come up with Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 7. Specially enhanced for Lumia handsets, Angry Birds Star Wars does not have any features different from the other Star Wars versions. But the user can definitely enjoy the game as the Angry Birds are created as Star Wars characters.

Angry Birds Space and Star Wars Hit Windows Phone 7

Unlike the other versions, this game hosts more than hundred levels from iconic locations including Tatooine. The other additional benefits the game lovers can enjoy include tusken raider pigs, turret fire, dodge laser blasts, and Jedi powers given to destroy dark sided pigs.

As the game progresses, the users are also given the access to unlock the bonus levels R2D2 and C-3PO. To do so, the user has to follow the instructions carefully and succeed in killing storm trooper pigs throughout each level of the game.

The new Angry Birds Space and the Angry Birds Star Wars games are now available at Windows Phone Stores at affordable prices.

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