Apple iOS 6.1 Update Is Making Consumers Paranoid With Battery Draining and Overheating Issues

By Anuj Bhatia

    Apple iOS used to be the safest and most importantly - a classic mobile operating system. But, that was past. Now, it is the most bugs generated mobile OS, thanks to the recent software update - iOS 6.1.

    But, what happened to Apple and its talented engineers? Aren't they listening to consumers? Well, what is happening with iOS is really painful for both consumers as well for corporate clients. The situation is so adverse that Vodafone UK is sending advisories to not update the latest update. Has Apple iOS lost its sheen? These questions are swirling around in the tech world and on various Apple fanboy's forums and blogs.


    The Cupertino-based tech titan who gave the world - iPhone, has considerably downgraded its reputation. The most single agenda in the minds of consumer are - should we abandon iOS in lieu of Google's Android OS. The rival platform - Android has made a fine reputation for being an error prone mobile OS.

    Apple iOS 6.1 Update Is Making Consumers Paranoid

    Apple iOS 6.1 - Big fuss

    The arrival of Apple iOS 6.1 has turned to havoc for consumers. First of all, the update itself was not a jitter. It was meant to solve few bugs and better LTE support. The update also promised to turn around bland Siri voice personal assistant. Hope, Apple will replace Siri with Google Voice search in iOS 7.

    But now recent reports claim that the iOS 6.1 update has turned their iPhones into overheated appliances. Some consumes complained that new software update has let to battery draining issue.

    Some of the highlighted problems faced by consumers worldwide are given below:

    1. Overheating issues [ Credit- iOS 6.1]

    2. Decrease in 3G performance [ Credit- iOS 6.1]

    3. Battery draining problems [Credit- iOS 61.]

    Looks like, UK, is among the affected countries that is facing adversities of iOS 6.1. Vodafone UK, clearly points out to iPhone 4S users to avoid iOS 6.1, for a time being.


    Consumers Dilemma- Why Apple rolled out iOS 6.1 update?

    Consumers worldwide are facing bug problems after installing iOS 6.1. GizBot made an effort and tried to study - what kind of bugs problem consumers are facing right now. And for that, we simply head towards - Apple support communities instead of other blogs and forums, to be precise.

    A user named ZAPELECTRIFIED asked his question on the Apple supported communities under discussion section.

    "I have noticed an increased amount of draining from my iPhone 4, ever since the new iOS 6.1 was released yesterday morning. I have only used minor iMessaging and my battery has seemed to drop a percentage every two minutes or so just in standby. It is sad to say that the Battery Bugs have not been removed and this problem needs to be resolved. Who else is experiencing drainage?"

    Some users complained that their iPhone 5 was the first affected - forget about iPhone 4S. For instance, a user named Bharvey5th poured his heart as well by saying "Yupp...battery is dying so fast. I have and iPhone 5 and literally barley used it all day and it is at 49%. They need to fix this battery drainage :( "

    Apple needs to communicate this problem as earlier as fast because it is affecting daily lives of consumers. Gizbot will update you on the latest developments building on iOS 6.1 software update. Stay tuned for more action.

    Meanwhile, let us know in the comments section below, what is your issue after updating your Apple device to iOS 6.1: 3G, battery and overheating issues or something else?

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