Apple iOS 6.0.2: iPhone 5, iPad mini Users Complaining Big Battery Drain After Update

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Apple's famous iPhone battery drain issue seems to have made a return with many users of the latest iOS 6.0.2 complaining about the issue. The new software update is eventually running on latest iPhone 5 smartphone and the iPad mini.

Reportedly, users of iPhone 5 reacted on Apple's Discussion Forums about the battery problems they seemed to be facing after an upgrade to the latest version of iOS. iOS 6.0.2 was released by Apple in order to fix the some problems with Wi-Fi in the previous version.

One of the users of iOS 6.0.2 said that with the previous version he could still have 75% of the battery remaining at the end of the day. He seemed to have drained almost 90% on a single day with the new update even though he had not done much on the phone.

Another user noticed that the phone was drained of 40% charge when it was unplugged from the charger for three hours.

Apple iOS 6.0.2: iPhone 5, iPad mini Users Complaining Big Battery

Yet another user observed a change from the previous version of iOS. With iOS 6.0.1, he could keep his phone on 100% charge throughout the night when he sleeps so that the phone would still remain fully charged by morning. However, he noticed that with the upgrade, the charge was reduced to 91% under similar circumstances.

For every release of a new version of iOS, reports come in regarding battery issues. However, these have never been wide-spread or universal, including the current reports. Only a few users have been complaining about this battery drain due to the upgrade. iOS 6.0.2 is supported only on iPad mini and iPhone 5, which might be another reason why the number of affected people is less.

Several other sites also have users complaining about their battery issue with iOS 6.0.2. One of these sites proposes a theory to explain the battery drain. They point towards the bug fix for Wi-Fi to be the reason for the battery drain as a number of Wi-Fi checks are conducted to resolve the issues of the previous version.


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