BBM for WiFi Only iPad and iPod Touch “within 24 hours” Imminent

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Looks like the new BBM app which is already catering to more than 20 million iOS and Android devices is likely to grow in numbers within the next "24 hours." Reportedly, BlackBerry has just confirmed saying that its popular instant-messaging service will be updated to run on WiFi-only iOS devices like the iPad and iPod touch "within 24 hours."

BBM for WiFi Only iPad and iPod Touch “within 24 hours” Imminent

The latest BBM was released for iOS and Android back in October but it was only compatible with the cellular devices with the SIM card. But now, BBM head, Andrew Bocking confirmed that the non-3G or non-4G iPad and iPod touch devices will be able to join the growing number of BBM users.

Unlike most of the messaging service which uses the users phone numbers, the new BBM for non cellular or the Wi-Fi only iPads and iPod touch will only employ the PIN numbers instead of the conventional phone numbers. So there is no need of cellular iPads.

This will definitely be a great news for owners of the Apple iPad and iPod Touch that only have Wi-Fi only versions of the mobile devices.

Regarding iPad-specific BBM app, according to BBM's Executive Vice President Andrew Bocking, Canadian BlackBerry is constantly reevaluating devices and various other platforms to find the worthy one for its BBM app.


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