Blackberry, Netflix and Instagram to Bring More Apps to BB10

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Blackberry had recently announced its launch of Blackberry 10 with over 70,000 apps. The company is now trying to bring in apps from Instagram and Netflix in Blackberry10. The reports say that the company is in talks with both Netflix and Instagram regarding this.

The talks hint that the apps from Netflix and Instagram may make its way to Blackberry10 very soon. The spokesperson for Blackberry confirmed that the company is collaborating with the two app majors but have not said when the apps will come to Blackberry10. The mobile currently with 70,000 apps is the first of its kind in the mobile history.

The company had some of the most popular apps in Blackberry10 right from day one of its launch. Some of the apps in Blackberry10 include Whatsapp, Skype, kindle, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Angry Birds and more.

Blackberry, Netflix and Instagram to Bring More Apps to BB10

Instagram app has been running on Z10 and it looks like any other app running on android platform. Blackberry10 will also support android platform but perfection may be a far dream. Blackberry10 may seem incomplete without apps from Netflix and Instagram, and the recent talks of Blackberry with the app creators is definitely a welcome move.

The absence of Instagram in Blackberry10 will be strongly felt as the company is said to have good relations with the owner of Instagram's parent organization, Facebook.

The users can now wait for the apps of Netflix and Instagram to appear on Blackberry10 to see whether it adds to the whole BB10 experience.

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