BlackBerry 10: Android Runtime Technology Getting Ready for Jelly Bean Update

By: Gizbot Bureau

It's now official! The runtime layer of BlackBerry 10 shall receive an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. The developers working on Blackberry 10 confirmed the Android jelly bean integration and said that the update will be revised all the way from version2.3 Gingerbread to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

The new update, however, is expected to be more efficient compared to its previous platform gingerbread. The update is sure to pave new pathways for developers to move smoothly into the Blackberry 10 area in 2013. However, the date of release of Android runtime for Blackberry 10 is still not known.

BlackBerry 10: Android Runtime Technology Getting Ready for Jelly Bean

Although in the beta stages, Android runtime for Blackberry10, developers believe that it will support all features that are currently available along with the APIs in the platform. The developer team in Blackberry also says that they are also looking for better possibilities to incorporate new features into the device and the platform.

The android developers must be the ones happy about the news as they can now look for introducing new apps and shifting it to Blackberry10 with all ease. Blackberry also hopes that their campaign will turn out successful and help Android developers into the BB10 environment.

The Z10 owners can well continue their loading of Gingerbread-based-apps, in the mean time while also waiting for android jelly bean to enter Blackberry10. The users will be able to experience what BlackBerry 10 has in store and will know that it is not just software tools and android developers that were involved in its making.

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