50 GB Cloud Storage Free For New Users

By: Gizbot Bureau

Computer and mobile users have a lot in store this month as is offering them freebies with a 50-GB free cloud storage. The offer is applicable only for new Android users. Other users will have to pay about $20 for 50 GB usage which amounts to Rs. 1000/- approximately in a year.

The offer is meant for Dell device buyers but it is not necessary that every new user must possess a Dell device. The 50 GB is free for all new users with a lifetime commitment. as of now has not placed any limitations on usage for its users. Users are now free to save anything in this 50 GB free cloud storage. The users for now have limitations on file size that can be saved in cloud storage. 50 GB Cloud Storage Free For New Users

Users of this service are also allowed to share files with other users. Sharing of files can be done with the help of a public link that is made available by Users normally get a 5GB free cloud storage while they sign up for this service. The new offer, however, is 10 times more than that. offers apps that are meant for almost every mobile platform. It now has a desktop utility for syncing of Dropbox-style folder. Users of this service can share files and folders easily with simple clicks or taps on their smartphones. is in simple words a complete cloud storage service, and this freebie sounds pretty good. Users could always use 50 GB cloud storage space sometime in the future if not immediately. So it is better to sign up now to avail the offer.

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