Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 4: Canonical To Release Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview On February 21

By: Anuj Bhatia

The release date of Canonical's Ubuntu, is getting closer day by day. The release date of Ubuntu hasn't changed from October to February, but the touch developer preview is set to launch. As per the company, the maker will release the touch developer preview of Ubuntu for Nexus range of devices. On February 21 at MWC 2013, the company will be able to flaunt Ubuntu on a range of devices.

Touch Developer Preview

The coming of Ubuntu will add fresh breathe of air in the existing eco system. The company is touting Ubuntu- a Linux-based operating system coming to Android, as the next big thing. With the coming of Ubuntu as a new platform, the company has started creating awareness about the OS in a more refined way. It is evident that like any other new OS, too woo a developer community, is a tedious task, all together. So, the company is making every effort to gather large number of developers in less time. The Ubuntu OS is set to be launched on October 13.

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Nexus 4: Canonical To Release Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview On Feb 21

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The touch developer preview is basically an initiative by the company, to familiarize developers about Ubuntu OS. As of now, the OS is supported for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. According to company press release, "When complete, the same Ubuntu code will deliver a mobile, tablet, desktop or TV experiences depending on the device it is installed on, or where it is docked. Ubuntu 13.10 (due in October) will include a complete entry-level smartphone experience."

The folks over at Ubuntu have provided with the install process as well as supported list on company's official site. New handsets list will be updated on a regular basis, as promised by the company.

The toolkit can be applied with an ease on multiple -platforms. One platform serves all four; a single application binary can do the same. The OS is based on HTML 5 support, where as Android is based on Java platform.

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