Chrome for iOS Updated: Google Browser Gets Full Screen Browsing and AirPrint Feature

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Software giant Google has recently updated it's Chrome browser app for iOS devices to version 2.5.2.

With the new update, the app and the Google search will get new features including full screen view and the ability to print documents from the cloud to its Web browser via AirPrint option accompanied with bug fixes. The newest version of the browser is available for download at iTunes Store.

Chrome for iOS Updated: Google Browser Gets Full Screen Browsing

New features of the Update

The update brings full screen browsing options for iPhone and iPod. Now you can scroll the toolbar off the screen, to gain access to the full page of content. Also, you can also quickly re-access the toolbar by scrolling back down.

You can now print web pages by saving them as PDFs on the Google Drive

Apart from the two main features the update brings a number of Stability and security improvements , along with bug fixes.

The browser is getting positive reviews from users. It looks like Google is doing well in competing with Apple's safari browser.

Did you know that, when Chrome was released to iOS, back in 2012, it quickly reached the number 1 position in the free app charts?

Apple does not allow Chrome to work, as freely as it's very own Safari browser. Do you think if this wasn't the case, Chrome would have over-taken it's counterpart?

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