Du Battery Saver 3 App for Android Updated: Gets More Efficient And Simpler To Use

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Du Battery Saver, a popular battery saving app for Android has been updated to version 3.0. The update brings new designs to the app, making it more simpler to use and more efficient. The company says that the updated app can extend battery life of a device by 50% or more.

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Du Battery Saver 3 App for Android Updated: Gets More Efficient

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n"In just a few years, consumers have created a global smartphone culture, transforming a web-centric world to an app-centric one," said Zhang Lei, founder of Du Battery Saver.

"As they find new ways to play, learn, surf and watch with their apps, they are also learning how quickly apps can drain their smartphone batteries. Du Battery Saver 3 was redesigned to deliver the most efficient way to extend battery life by 50 percent or more. Du Battery Saver users, old and new, will find our latest version simple, helpful and intuitive, delivering on our promise of ‘More Power, More Fun.'" Added Lei.

Key Changes Implemented In The App (Version 3.0)

Simplified User Interface

Now you can access settings and other useful information from the app's home screen with just a touch. This includes accurate battery runtime and charge time estimates, detailed temperature and voltage information and a graph detailing battery drain. Also, with just a touch of the "Optimize" button, Du Battery Saver 3 quickly analyses all on-board hardware and running apps, providing instant battery life improvements and recommendations.

Improved Charge Tracking

The new Charge tab offers simple-to-understand tips and a convenient battery charge tracking calendar to remind users when to perform a monthly "Healthy Charge".

Easy Settings & Background Apps Management

From the "Monitor" tab, users are able to quickly view and close battery-draining apps or effortlessly manage hardware settings (such as screen brightness, CPU, and networking) to fine-tune battery savings.

Quick Access to Pre-Set Power-Saving Modes

From the home screen, users can quickly and easily access pre-set modes that adjust power-saving settings or create custom modes to suit specific needs. Here, they can also access premium automatic settings on the "Smart" panel (available to Pro users for a one-time upgrade cost of USD $2.99) which includes additional features:

Auto Clear Background Apps - automatically shuts down apps running in the background on a time schedule to improve battery life.

Auto Switch Modes - automatically switches power-saving modes at a user-defined time (i.e., Switch from General Mode to Sleep Mode before bed time) or at a user-defined power level (i.e., Switch to Long Mode when battery is at 20% charge).

You can download the latest version of Du Battery Saver for Android on Google Play Store.

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