Facebook Auto-Play Video Feature For Mobile Site Rolls Out

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Back in September, rumors were loud pertaining to Facebook's auto-play video on the mobile site. Now the day is close enough to see the same option on our smartphones as the multi-billion dollar company has reportedly rolled out the auto-play video feature for mobile site. However, the video will play in a mute manner at first. The sound will be on only if you click the video.

Facebook Auto-Play Video Feature For Mobile Site Rolls Out

The feature was tested back in September but has now been rolled out to most iOS and Android devices. To compare the old and the new version, in the former one use to feature a video locked behind a play button which took time to load. While the new auto play feature makes the videos load faster.

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The videos, in the new auto-play feature, once tapped will expand to full screen and the audio will be turned on. However, content uploaded to third-party sites retain the old click-to-play format reports suggest.

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However some people might not like the feature as it is sure that it will drain out the data pack in your smartphone. Thus, those not interested in the auto-play feature can simply change the settings of the social app to the option that will allow the app to play videos only when the device is connected to WiFi and not on cellular data.

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