Facebook Home Hits 1 Million Downloads in Play Store, Awaits Minor Update

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The major social networking site, Facebook with its month old app, Facebook Home, has now finally reached a successful number of 1 milion downloads according to install numbers in the Google Play Store.

This app enables the users to replace their standard home screen with a steady stream of friends' posts and photos. One can go to apps with one swipe and drag ones' profile picture up to open the app launcher. It also enables user to see the Chat Heads that are circular icons of users friends' profile pictures that pop onto the screen when someone texts or sends a Facebook message.

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Facebook Home Hits 1 Million Downloads in Play Store, Awaits Minor Upd

Click Here For New Facebook Concept Gallery

Reportedly, Facebook's director of mobile engineering shared the news saying that Facebook Home download number had hit "just about" 1 million times. To indicate its download numbers which now fall in 1 million to 5 million range the apps page was recently updated. Although, one million download is a successful number to be considered but if compared, it just took Facebook 10 days to hit 500,000 downloads and about twice that long to hit 1 million. Reports also suggest that the Facebook Home is actually below the top 100 Android apps in every country where its available.

Many other apps would have celeberated the occasion of such successful 1 million download but for Facebook which has an astonishing figure of more than two bilion users and 750 million active monthly mobile users, it clearly is not up to the mark. To add on to it, yet another issue regardng the HTC-Facebook parternishp also came up as the AT&T and HTC recently dropped the price of their first phone that comes with an integrated Facebook Home.

Facebook Home is currently available for devices such as Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTC One X+ but it fails to be compatible with many other smartphones such as Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch and more.

Further, In the next couple of months, Facebook will be revealing several new features for Home, including a new user experience codenamed Blue's Clues, a dock, and a dash bar. With Blue's Clues, the idea is to help make Home less confusing and frustrating to use. One of the feedbacks that Facebook has received from its users is that Home is missing a dock, that ever-present spot on the bottom of the screen that displays the apps that are always there and available. Another point of contention by users is with chat heads - there was no way to initiate a conversation easily. With dash bar, Home will have a feature like the buddy list on AIM that can be used for quick referencing.

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