Firefox 25: Mozilla Planning Major Revamp to Combat Google Chrome

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Mozilla's Firefox for long has fought for supremacy in the web browsers quadrant. There is no doubt about the success of the browser, as it easily captures over 24% of the world's usage share of web browsers.

But lately, Firefox has been facing some issues with the crashing of Adobe Flash, leaving many users disappointed. Also, there hasn't been a major change to the browser interface in a long time. Google's Chrome's competition isn't helping helping in it's cause ether. The browser needs some drastic changes if it wants to climb up the ladder.

Firefox 25: Mozilla Planning Major Revamp to Combat Google Chrome

The Next Web now reports that Mozilla is planning some big design changes for it's flagship browser. The Firefox 25 as it is called has been slated to arrive in October. Mozilla has set up a special Nightly UX channel for the Preview build of the upcoming browser. Briefing on the changes:

The Firefox menu has been moved from left to right and now looks identical to Chrome's hot dog icon.

The tabs are also curved like that of chrome's.

The tabs are now curved like that of chrome's.

A separate Bookmark Star button has been placed right next to the menu button like in the Google's browser.

The new browse brings updates to Panel Based Application Menu and Customisation Mode

Many consistency changes have been made for the User Interface - border-radii, dimensions, spacing, margins, icons, and colour palette.

Also, Firefox in a blog post made the announcement of Australis, a major theme revamp, which will robust changes to the way toolbars work. To be specific, the main toolbar will have a dedicated area for add-on buttons and widgets, while the Add-on Bar and user-created custom toolbars will be removed. However, these changes are still being discussed about.

All and all, it looks like Firefox is going to get a complete makeover, but it does look a little similar to the Chrome interface.

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