GDrive Viewer: App Allows to Access Google Drive Files on Windows 8 Metro

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It was really shocking when Google decided not to develop Windows 8 apps anymore. However, users don't need to worry as third party developers are working hard to bring out some sort of solution for the same. A couple of third party developers have already mentioned plans on innovative apps that can be made use of for accessing services from Google.

GDrive Viewer is the most possible one in the line which helps users in accessing the files from Windows 8 Metro. The interesting element is that users can access this app without spending a single penny.

GDrive Viewer: App Allows to Access Google Drive Files on Windows 8

With this latest app, files and folders can be accessed from within a single tab. Apart from that, there are a lot of user friendly options by which documents can be downloaded right to your desktop at ease.

The flexibility of the app to work with any of the Windows 8 versions is the most highly rated advantage. This includes x64, x86, and also ARM build versions of windows offering access of the app for almost all kinds of users. This brings out the fact that the app can be accessed with touch interfaces, as well.

This app is made available for windows users with a freeware license. Users can easily navigate through the files within the Google Drive folder. Also documents can be viewed using web link, and for that users need to sign in again.

You can access this Google Drive viewer app from the windows store free of cost right here.

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