Google To Roll Out Android 13 For Smart TVs With Multiple Features For Large Screens

Google To Roll Out Android 13 For Smart TVs With Multiple Features

Smart TVs running Google Android operating system have a major update. The search giant has indicated that Android 13 OS, optimized for smart TVs, is ready for rollout. The latest Android TV OS update brings multiple features to improve user experience, optimize power consumption, and offer customizations. Let's look at the features and functions Google has included in Android 13 TV OS.


New Features And Functions In Android 13 TV OS

Android 13 for smartphones is rolling out to some smartphones. Now Smart TVs too could start receiving the major OS update. Google assures Android 13 TV OS will offer enhanced performance, more customizations, and a tweaked UI for improved user experience.

Some of the notable features of Android 13 TV OS are as follows:

Smart Hardware Recognition For Content Delivery: The Android 13 TV OS will recognize games and streaming apps when they are being delivered through a large screen and will be able to offer the best possible audio experience with external speakers and soundbars. Android 13 OS allows apps to identify the output device and support formats before creating an audio track.

Hardware-Based Feature Customization: Users can manage parameters such as output resolution and refresh rate through HDMI source devices. This is possible because Android 13 can recognize the hardware and allow tweaking of specific settings.

Enhanced Power Management: Smart TVs running Android 13 will have an enhanced power management system. The feature optimizes the power consumption of TV sets and lowers electricity consumption when the device is in standby mode.

Hardware-Level Mute Switch For Privacy Settings: Certain Privacy settings will become available on Smart TVs running Android 13 TV OS. These settings will allow muting or denying access to certain hardware.

New Microphone And Keyboard APIs: Google has developed new APIs for external keyboards smart TV owners often use. Additionally, there's enhanced user control for microphone access for smart TVs that have or support the hardware.


Which Smart TVs Will Receive Android 13 TV OS Update?

Smart TVs running Android 12 should receive the Android 13 TV OS update, but not in the next few weeks. Smart TVs usually have a slower update cycle than smartphones running Android OS. In both cases, manufacturers have to acquire the OS update from Google, and then release the same to their products. The latest update will be tested and optimized by smart TV manufacturers to ensure the OS works reliably on their hardware.

Smart TVs from popular brands such as Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others, could release the Android 13 TV OS in 2023. However, the majority of budget smart TVs running Android OS might not receive Android 13 because small manufacturers, who make budget TVs, often try to avoid such a big responsibility.

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