What is Android One? 5 Common FAQs You Might Have

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Google's big Android One launch in India is closer than you think. We have had learnt a long time ago that the Android maker was already making plans on introducing the programme after it struck deals with the likes of Spice, Karbonn and Micromax. And we are just moments away from seeing it turn into reality.

Meant mainly for the emerging markets, the whole Android One scene first saw the light of the day back at Google's annual I/O event. It was here that the company also revealed that it was in partnership with low cost phones to make the new initiative available for all. The basic idea here is to offer the Android OS to remaining user base who aren't officially on the platform, while also making Facebook available for all.

What is Android One? 5 Common FAQs You Might Have

But before the major points of the new initiative are revealed, we are taking a look at the few basic things that you will need to keep in mind before the final unveiling. Here are the 5 most essential.

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Control of the Budget Market

There's a big reason why Google chose the budget end of the market in unveiling the new Android Onje platform. With the platform now gracing the cheaper priced handsets, expect new levels of functionality. The budget scene in India is big, and with the backing of Android One it tends to grow even bigger.

Extensive Support

There was a time when Google services wouldn't work for all Android based phones, but that's about to change with the new Android One OS. Apparently, Google will take the center-stage in providing manufacturers with basic guideline manuals and updated versions of the OS to allow for a smooth sailing.

Intense Integration for Greater Compatibility

With the release of the new Android One, Google will see a major revamp in terms of integrating most of its important services into the new platform. So expect all the important features to be present in your phone from day one.

Decent Specifications on Offer

Just because we are saying that Android One is meant for sub-10k handsets, doesn't necessarily mean they will come with poor specs as well. In fact, the spec sheet for such handsets have extensively talked about offering a 5MP snapper, dual chip, 4.5-inch display, and more.

Android for All

The basic idea behind the formation of Android One could be considered two-fold. First, to make Android available for all, and second to allow more and more users connect and utilize the full potential of Facebook. That being said, the new platform is anyway expected to bring ahead a new Android infrastructure for a greater good.

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All that being said, we are currently present at Google's Android One event to witness everything first-hand. And if you are also interested in getting all your Android One fix first hand, you could head over to this link here.

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