Google Android Wear Has More than You Think: 5 Features You Should Know

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Not long ago, Google silently announced its wearable-enabled Android Wear platform via a blog post. But that time the company wrote, "But we're only at the beginning; we've barely scratched the surface of what's possible with mobile technology."

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However, since then we have seen the application of the platform in several different wearables across companies. And while the smartwatch business is still in a nascent stage, the Android Wear platform is sure to soar in the coming days.

But what are its top features and which are the features of Android Wear that everyone is talking about? We take a closer look at the top 5 features.

Google Android Wear: 5 Features You Should Know

No Constant Reminders
The Android Wear OS has a mind of its own that lets it remind you whatever you may actually need in the long run. For example, if you have searched for a destination, it will automatically give you other details related to modes of transport, time required and other such details.

Google Android Wear: 5 Features You Should Know

Two Way Set-Up
Android Wear can be utilized to control a host of different smartphones, tablets and even Chromebooks, if you didn't know about it. Google even allows you to cast your favorite movie to your TV.

Google Android Wear: 5 Features You Should Know

Categorized Notifications
Google's Android Wear has the ability to feed you notifications from an assorted range on apps that are available in the market and installed on your smartphone. It will even sync in well with a user's"preferred messaging apps." Hence notifications and connectivity won't be an issue.

Google Android Wear: 5 Features You Should Know

Health Oriented
Google has filled Android Wear with a bunch of built-in fitness functions for people who like to keep fit all year round. Seasoned Pros and amateurs are treated equally and it'll work with existing fitness apps and provide real-time details on whatever your query may be.

Google Android Wear: 5 Features You Should Know

Voice Support
Thanks to the introduction of Google Now, voice recognition capabilities allow the user with a plethora of functionalities. Just the simple "OK, Google" chat allows you to explore a host of different features like calling a cab, book show tickets, play a certain track from your music list, and more.

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