Google Chrome for Android: Beta Channel Released for Devices Running ICS and Above

By: Gizbot Bureau

Google has launched a new Google Chrome beta channel meant for Android phones and tablets running versions Android 4.0 and above. Developers and tech enthusiasts can check out the new features of the browser as soon as possible.

The version will have a lot of bugs since it is only the beta channel (which is actually the reason behind this new launch). In spite of that, the version will be an important one for Google since the company is trying to make the browser popular on the Android platform also, after its phenomenal success on the desktop.

Google Chrome for Android: Beta Channel Released

The app displays a marked improvement in the Octane benchmark performance by 25 to 30 %. Some HTML5 features also are included in the app such as CSS filters.

The beta channel launched for tablets and phones join the beta versions that had been released for Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS.

Google announced in a blog post that the company will be releasing regular updates for the beta version and will be constantly monitoring the reports of bugs in the version. Users also have the facility to keep the beta version of the app along with the current version in their Android phones.

Chrome 25 for Android brings in a lot of improvements and updates over the existing Chrome 18-based channel. This includes better JavaScript performance and HTML5 support.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, if anyone fancies downloading it to test the new features for themselves. The link will be needed since Google has not listed the app in the Google Play search results.


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