Google Earth Updated With More Than 100,000 New Tours

Posted By: Gizbot Bureau

A new update for Google Earth was received this week from Google. The update rolled out for iOS, desktops and android devices. The new update has added over 100,000 new tours and photos for the users to rejoice.

Google Earth update has added tours of popular sites, places and cities in and around 200 countries. The update is also seen to have included enhancements for the existing tours. A tour guide has been created within Google Earth by Google to make it easier for the users to view places and other interesting spots in the world.

Google Earth Updated With More Than 100,000 New Tours

The users simply need to click on the "Tour Guide" which appears on the bottom left corner of the screen. The tour guide now integrates Wikipedia snippets and 3D flyovers. Highlights of certain places and a collection of more than 1 million panoramic photos of various destinations have been included in the tour guide to make the touring a richer experience.

Each tour in Google Earth ends with a list of photo thumbnails, selected from Panoramio. The users have to click on the thumbnails to view photos in full screen. Google Earth has always been interesting although it is not used inherently in mobile devices. The tool offers the users the option to view and explore more and learn about various places.

The app was added for the desktop version only in last October with a collection of 11,000 tours. This is certainly a very impressive update from Google not only in terms of numbers but for the first time that it will be made available on mobile.


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