Google Looking to Replace Password With Physical Keys

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Google account holders can forget about memorizing long passwords, has the software giant is secretly working on coming out with a solution to confirm the user's identity online using physical keys. The new technology will enable users to prove their identities using keys or even jewellery instead of long passwords.

The finding by an expert panel which also includes an Indian is all set to release its report in the coming month. The expert panel is of the opinion that passwords are becoming more insecure and impractical these days.

Google Looking to Replace Password With Physical Keys

The upcoming issue of the magazine, IEEE Security and Privacy will contain articles briefing about a physical key holding a "smart chip" inside it. The briefing will be done by Vice President of Google, Eric Grosse.

The expert panel also feels that passwords are merely cookies and are not sufficient to provide user security. The users simply need to place the Universal Serial Bus (USB) into their computers. There are also rumors that the firm is trying out wireless chips which are already found in certain mobile phones. The tiny USB key is called the Yubikey. The Google account gets automatically logged on when the user plugs in the key to his laptop or computer.

The users can also use a finger ring embedded with a smart chip to access their Google accounts. The system aims to be able to access a new computer just by a tap with the finger ring even in the absence of a cellular connectivity. The firm is currently working out a solution regarding the loss of a key and on developing a simple system to replace it.

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