Google Maps for iOS Comes With Street View and Turn-by-Turn Navigation

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Google Maps app has been released for iOS with support only for iPhone at present. The user interface of the app is not optimized for iPads currently. The re-introduction of Google Maps in iOS comes as a huge relief for users who were suffering the impact of what is known as ‘Maps-gate' when Google Maps were replaced in iOS by Apple's own Maps.

The release notes of the Google Maps app cite its features. Its search function allows you to easily find places, addresses, businesses etc. around the world. It is also possible to discover places and shops according to reviews and ratings. You can also sync all these searches between your iPhone and computer.

Directions can be easily found whichever mode of travel you choose, be it train, subway, bus or even just walking. Voice-guided and turn-by-turn directions are dished out too. Live traffic information about cities all over the world can be obtained with the help of the Google Maps for iOS.

Google Maps for iOS Comes With Street View and Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Street View of the app allows you to have 360-degree panoramic view of places all over the world. Satellite imagery in high resolution is also possible.

An entirely different experience has been dished out for the iPhone users by Google Maps. Navigation has been made easier than before with the new design and streamline of the UI. Gestures can be used to go through the search results as well as to explore the map.

Apple had ditched Google Maps in favor of its own Maps back in June. The Maps app from Apple was widely criticized with the discontent against Apple Maps being referred to as ‘Maps-gate'.

Google Maps will be a part of the third-party Maps present on iOS, including Maps from Nokia. You can download Google Maps for your iPhone from Apple Store.

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