Google Now Could Be Integrated Into New Home Page, Chrome and iOS Mobile App

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Google Now, the predictive search tool introduced for Android might be coming to iPhones and iPads soon. The word is the search is giant has big plans for the feature as it is expected to be incorporated into iOS devices, Google Chrome and also the Google's homepage. The feature is also expected to make way to the highly anticipated Google Glass.

Google Now Could Be Integrated Into New Home Page, Chrome and iOS

Google Operating System, a blog that tracks Google products and services has got it's hands on a Java script code which suggests that Google is testing the feature is being tested out for

The code contains an introductory message to Google Now - "Get started with Google Now. Just the right information at just the right time" and also a message saying "Google Now uses your Home location to show relevant information like weather, traffic conditions, and nearby places,".

This report has not been confirmed yet but, last year, Google did say it would be shutting down iGoogle - A feature which lets users to customize their Home Page, in November 1, 2013. Could it be that Google now might be replacing iGoogle? Well, it does look like the missing peace of the puzzle has been found, but it definitely is too early to comment.

During Google's Q1 2013 earnings conference, Co-founder and CEO Larry Page did express that he has high expectations on the service. Gizbot will let you know once the feature is confirmed for iOS, Google Chrome and Homepage, so stay tuned.

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