Google Snaps Up Gesture Recognition Technology Start Up Flutter

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Google has just acquired Flutter, a company behind a gesture recognition app used with popular media players. Flutter made the announcement with a simple splash screen on its website, telling visitors that it had been snapped up by Google.

Google Snaps Up Gesture Recognition Technology Start Up Flutter

So what is Flutter? Its a simple Windows and Mac OSX app that allows you to control popular media players like iTunes with gestures which will be picked up by your webcam. So how easy is it to use? Well, by simply putting your open hand up, you can stop media play back. Want to change the song? The point your thumb right for "next" and left if you want the "previous" track.

Until Google did acquire the company, it wasn't really well known. However, since it has joined the grand Google family, every thing's about to change. The start-up launched three years ago and has just six employees at the moment.

What plans does Google have for the company? We definitely see some of that brilliant gesture technology going into Google's Glass project. Apart form that, analysts are also speculating that Google might add some of the technology into its home grown products like Google Hangouts, Google Plus and more.

Over the last year, the Internet giant has been on an acquisition spree, picking up start-ups and companies left, right and center. It picked up Bump (September), Waze (June), Wavii (April), Behavio (April), Talaria technologies (March), DNN Research (March) and Channel Intelligence (February).

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